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Simplest way to redeem Capterra rewards in Europe

Hi there,

I’m currently filling Capterra reviews and have received a reward. However, I live in the UK and not the US, so not sure how I can redeem their offers in Europe. Any suggestions?

The redemption options are:

iTunes (usd)

Starbucks (usd)

Visa USD (usd)


7 thoughts on “Simplest way to redeem Capterra rewards in Europe

  1. I had referred my boyfriend and his friend to write reviews for Capterra a few weeks ago, but they never received their gift cards via email. Is there a recent limitation on people receiving gift cards?

  2. If these redemption options are for electronic gift cards, you may have to consider getting the gift card redemption and using something like /r/GiftCardExchange or a gift card selling site to trade/sell it at a small loss for someone willing to send you cash via PayPal.

    Other than that, I’m really drawing a blank.

  3. You could get the Visa USD, open a USD balance on paypal, add the Visa as a card and deposit the funds to the USD balance in your paypal, then exchange the USD into your home currency through paypal.

    Or make a US paypal account and add it as a card, deposit funds, and send the money to your main paypal.

    1. It’s not possible to add PayPal balance using cards, only bank transfer, at least in my country.

      Is it easy and legal to create an US PayPal account in my name just for that? Do they require verification?

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