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Sites And Apps That Pay You To Play Games.

Hey everyone!

I’ve seen a number of people on here ask how to get paid to play games, so I decided to write up a post. To be honest, you’re better off just doing surveys or normal GPT offer walls if you want a better $/hr ratio, but if you’re getting bored of those and want something different, then this is an alternative. I usually use these sites when I want to play a game but I can’t find/afford a game I actually *want* to play. They scratch the itch and earn a little bit of pocket change.


#[Gamekit]( | [Non-ref](

Each game has a number of quests to complete, which usually revolve around getting to a certain level or completing some quest. Most of these are PC games, but they have a couple mobile offers. Be careful though, if you get too far ahead of your current quest you won’t be rewarded. Always stop and wait. The quests are time limited, but you should have plenty of time to complete most quests. Although most quests are free, there are some that will ask for a payment. It’s completely fine to skip these quests as they usually aren’t worth it. If you do want to complete it, check out the reward store for the League of Angel rewards. They are the fastest and give you the most bang for your buck. Right now you get an oBucks card worth [$5.24](, [$10.52](, or [$21]( which can be used on most of the games. This site is one that you need to be in for the long haul. They pay out, but don’t expect to be rewarded any time soon. [Proof of payment.](



* You get 5 points for logging in each day.

* They have a lot of games you won’t find anywhere else such as Dofus, Maplestory, and World of Warships.

* There is a large variety of potential rewards including Amazon, Steam, oBucks, eShop, PSN, Prepaid Master cards, various LoL champions, and many other things. (Note: To get to the reward section, hit “Redeem Pts” and then click “Rewards” up at the top. It defaults to the giveaway section.)

* They have a discord server for general help questions, so you can get answers right away.

* Their support is helpful and friendly (as long as you aren’t being rude to them), and they respond to tickets within a few days at most.

* They have a mobile app that you can use to earn even more rewards.


* You have to be a certain level to redeem various rewards, which can take a while to get to. Most gift cards require at least level 12. If you complete all of the free quests currently available (1/7/19 – About 18 games), you should end up right around level 15.

* Amazon gift cards are one of the most expensive rewards.

* Some rewards can take a couple months to arrive, and Gamekit is known to be late on their delivery.

* Many rewards can only be redeemed once every 30 days.

* Points expire after one year.

* There are a limited amount of games, and new games don’t show up too often.

* They ask for your address and phone number. I was able to use my Google Voice number, but YMMV.

__Referral Bonus:__ The referrer gets 5,000 points and 1,000 exp when the referred user redeems their first order.


#[Gamehag]( | [Non-ref](

You usually have to complete 1 to 3 tasks per game. Most of these are PC games, but they have a couple mobile offers. Unlike Gamekit, you are able to play ahead on this site without any issues. Make sure to create a unique username, because you will need to use that same username (or one very similar) on each game you play. If you want to maximize your points, play the games under your daily deal section for bonus points. They also have a mini-game section that you can earn a couple points from. [Proof of payment.](

After creating an account click on “Your equipment” (looks like a little backpack under your name) and type in the code 18GH-W!NT3R-CH3S7 for a free chest. This isn’t a referral code, it’s just a random promo code.



* You get 5 points for logging in each day, and you can get [free chests]( each day, week, and month.

* They have a lot of games you won’t find anywhere else, including a number of games that use an Android emulator called Bluestacks.

* Rewards usually arrive pretty quickly. I typically receive my rewards within a few hours, but it did take a week once. It seems to be delayed if you have an open ticket.

* There is a daily deal section which gives you a bonus amount for playing a certain game (20-50%), and a discount on a certain reward (1-8%). They offer a slight discount if you redeem higher value gift cards, but you will get the best bang for your buck by waiting until the $5 or $10 rewards are on sale for 4% or more.

* They give bonus points during the holiday seasons. ~~Right now every game has a 15% bonus.~~ ^(Edit: This holiday bonus has ended.)

* You can earn points for being in the top 3 of the [daily rankings](


* Support is dreadful. You usually get a copy and paste response and the ticket is automatically closed.

* Their tracking software doesn’t always work properly, so every so often you will be told that you didn’t create a new account. If this happens, make another new account and send the screenshot again. This usually works for me.

* Some games give an insultingly low amount of points for what they require. Always glance over the chat section before starting a game.

__Referral Bonus:__ The referrer gets 200 points once the referred user has earned 1,000 points. There is also a bonus for referring a certain amount of users. +250 for 10 users. +500 for 30 users. +500 for 50 users. +1,250 for 100 users. +10,000 for 500 users.


#[Playtest Cloud](

I’ll start off by saying I don’t have experience with this one. Unfortunately, they’ve only ever sent me one test and it was over before I got to try it. I’ve heard numerous good reviews about it around here though, so I’ll write what I know about it.
This site pays you to record your screen and microphone as you play the games, and the tests typically take 15-30 minutes. Developers want to know what you are thinking as you play it. It’s sort of like UserTesting for games. They typically only have tests for English speakers in USA, UK, and Canada.



* Rewards start at $9 and may go higher depending on the length of the test.

* They pay out to PayPal 3-5 days after the test is completed.


* There aren’t a lot of tests, and some people don’t seem to get any. They claim you should get 1-2 a month though.


#[AppLike]( | [Non-ref](

^(For those who want to use my ref link, but aren’t viewing this on mobile and don’t want to type in that long link:

There are a number of apps that are nearly identical to this one, so I won’t go into them all in detail. Here’s a few I have heard of: Fitplay, Coinpop, App Station, App Flame. (Note: I haven’t tried most of these clones.) These apps pay you to run games, but not necessarily to play them. [Proof of payment.]( (Note: it has been quite a while since I last used them.)



* You don’t necessarily have to play the games, as running them is usually sufficient.

* They have PayPal.


* After a while the points become so low it’s not worth using any more.

* You will not get a reply from support.

* There doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer your account to a new device.

__Referral Bonus:__ The referrer gets 250 mCoins and 25% of all mCoins the referred user earns.



This site is well known here so I won’t go into it too much. If you haven’t heard of it before, check out [this post](
Swagbucks has their own game section which you can earn 10SB each day for playing games. Just scroll to the bottom [of this page]( to play.

They also occasionally have offers to play games on their offer walls. These can be done on any GPT site that has the same offer wall, so feel free to pick your favorite GPT site. Right now you can get paid 2,000 SB for playing [World War Rising.]( It requires at least Android 6.0 or 7.0 (I’m not sure which, but it worked on my Android 7.0 phone). Some games require you to buy something, which can be a great way to get rid of your leftover Google Play balance. OfferToro currently has an offer up for Cooking Dash which gives 700 SB for getting to level 6 and making a $4.99 purchase. This also requires at least Android 6.0 or 7.0 (once again, I used 7.0).


This is another well known site, so I won’t go into it much either. If you haven’t heard of it before, check out [this post]( Earnhoney has a game section where you can play familiar games such as 2048. You don’t really get paid to *play* the games, but rather to watch the videos on the side. You certainly can play the games while the videos play though.



This is a GPT site that has been around for quite a while. Their game section pays very little, but if you enjoy playing a lot of games such as Sudoku and Solitaire, you might as well get paid to play them. The USA receives 2 points per minute up to 500 points per day. Australia and UK earn 2 points per minute up to 200 points per day. Canada earns 1 point per minute up to 300 points per day. Most rewards will be delivered within 7-10 days, but may take up to 60 days if the account is under review. Support won’t investigate a delay until it has been at least 30 days.

Thanks /u/ihatehemingwayclub for mentioning it. Referral code: N7ZVPY



* They have a lot of familiar games such as Solitaire, Sudoku, Majongg, and Jigsaw.

* They have a lot of redemption options such as Amazon, PayPal ($20), Walmart, eBay, etc. Most options start at $5.

* You can enter a drawing to earn 1,500 points (~$2.50) by earning a certain amount of points in the game of the week.


* You only earn 1-2 points per minutes up to 5 minutes per game, giving you a rate of under $0.20 per hour. (This is what they claim, but I made 11 points for a 6 minute game so it might vary.)

* Games are limited to Australia, Canada, UK, and USA.

* Points expire after 60 days of inactivity.

* Point values can be annoying to convert. It’s 600 points per $1.

__Referral Bonus:__ The referrer earns 100-500 points once the referred user reaches 1,000 points by completing offers. The amount depends on what country the referred user is from.


#Sell Steam Trading Cards

Many games will award you will Trading Cards for playing Steam games. Steam does have a limit of 200 transactions per calendar year, at which point they will ask for your name, address, and SSN. You will also need to install their mobile app and set up the 2-step authentication.

Usually only paid games give Trading Cards, but there is the occasional free game that has Trading Cards. Check out /r/FreeGamesOnSteam for some free game codes. This method won’t earn you very much, but it can add up over time. You can use a program called [Idlemaster]( to run the games if you don’t want to actually play them. Just be careful not to play any VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) enabled games while running IdleMaster, because [there is a chance you could get VAC banned.]( It’s not necessary, but I recommend using [Steam Inventory Helper]( to sell the cards. It will save you a lot of time.


#Other Ideas

These are methods I’ve heard others use, but since I don’t have experience and/or much to say about them, I am lumping them together. There are a ton of apps out there that will pay you to download apps and games, but since they aren’t paying you to *play* the games, I’m going to skip over them.

* [Trivia games]( – /r/TriviaApps

* Do walkthroughs or playthroughs on YouTube or Twitch.

* mTurk occasionally has games. They aren’t too common, but they do pop up from time to time, usually as part of a survey.

* Second Life – I’m not sure if this is a thing anymore, but I know it used to be popular years ago. You could get paid for creating and selling various items in the game. There is a very competitive market, and the controls can be difficult to get used to.

* [Inbox Dollars]( – I know they have a game section, but they have a high cashout amount and they pay relatively low for a GPT site. I’m mentioning it here, but I honestly don’t recommend it.

* [Cash Crate]( – I’ve heard this one mentioned a few times, but I don’t use it. I can’t say much about it other than the fact they were part of a massive data breach a few years ago.

* Play CS:GO and sell the items.

* Play [Exodus 3000]( Note: There isn’t much news about this game from the past year, so it may or may not still be running. I played it years ago, but it was too slow for my liking.

* [Playvig]( – This program is currently in beta. You get paid to complete various objectives in games. It looks like they currently support Fortnight, Hearthstone, Overwatch PUBG, LoL, Rocket League, and Brawlhalla. You can use your coins to redeem packs, crates, DLC, gift cards, gaming gear, PayPal, and more. [Check this link to see if you’re in an eligible country]( Thanks /u/kingkongbananakong for mentioning it.

* [Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play]( – You get 5 coins every minute of gameplay up to a limit. Right now that limit is 50 coins per day. You have to play specific games, which are listed on the front page and rotate every few weeks. [Rewards are limited, and seem to be mostly steam keys and razer items]( The rewards are expensive, and it looks like it will take nearly a year to get a $10 steam game if you play every day. It doesn’t seem worth it to me, but if you enjoy trying new games you may like it.

22 thoughts on “Sites And Apps That Pay You To Play Games.

    1. gamehag i believe i’ve seen show up in some gpt offerwalls recently. maybe adscendwall. not sure how much the offer’s payout goes..

  1. iRazoo is another site where you can play games to earn money. You can also earn with various offer walls, surveys, and search. The games are Arkadium games, various word, card, arcade, puzzle, strategy games that usually only take a few minutes. You get points based on how long you play, to a maximum of five minutes, roughly a little more than a penny for five minutes. They also have a game of the week that changes every week, and everyone who scores over a certain amount in that game is entered into a drawing to win points (the equivalent of about $2.50.) I’ve won the drawing a few times. They also have bonus codes daily on Facebook and weekly via an email newsletter. It’s a slow earner, but if you like playing simple games and have time, might as well get paid a few pennies. I cash out with Amazon giftcards ($5 is lowest.) They have a referral program, but I don’t know how much it actually pays or if the person referred gets any points. My code is N7ZVPY if anyone wants to sign up.

    1. Could you explain a bit more about the trade ban? I never got into CS:GO, but I know a couple people who say they are still selling things.

      1. Yeah so before CS:GO was all about trading and with no restrictions, with exceptions to the marketplace. The marketplace was the last place you’d go to if you wanted an item due to the 7-day trade hold. However, Valve now decided to implement another 7-day trade hold whenever you trade any item. To add insult to injury, they perma-banned some bots connected to any site involving csgo gambling with a lot of high-valued skins. (Csgo gambling was big)

        So you lose the two main reasons why people buy skins for:

        1) Trading
        2) Gambling

        Essentially, the economy is fucked and has been since they removed gambling. The bans and trade holds have done a number on items and making them inflated.

        1. Damn, that’s lame. Although, I guess if you’re patient then you could make a decent amount due to the inflation? Assuming you could find a buyer, anyways.

          1. Yeah, but also there’s trading sites that allow you to trade items. Not many people want to do regular trading when they can just go to a site and have a bot do it for them.

  2. Second Life is still around. Even had an increase in user-owned regions last year, reversing the trend for the previous seven. The controls have both been tweaked in the default client and there are third-party clients which do their own refinements and improvements. Level of difficulty in creating for the inworld market has risen because the app now supports mesh objects. This means needing to learn an app like Blender or Maya, then paying the upload fees. They also have materials layer support, which adds to the process as well. But some businesses there still endure and new ones rise to take over for the ones who close. The hand-over-fist business other than real estate is producing templates for mesh clothing and other objects for other people to texture and re-sell.

  3. AppLike recently blocked me for “suspicious activity” though I hadn’t used the app in months nor did anything suspicious. Just thought meh why not check on it and bam that notice. Apparently I’m not the only one recently hit with it. No idea what tripped it up for me other than just not using it.

  4. GameHag sounds good, but it seems they give awards for playing fake/pirated games. They have rewards for playing SoulCalibur the MMO which definitely is not a thing. Also I am fairly certain you can’t sell CSGO skins for currency under a business, as it violates Valve’s TOS and maybe the law? I would never give my information to a website like GameHag.

    1. > it seems they give awards for playing fake/pirated games. They have rewards for playing SoulCalibur the MMO which definitely is not a thing.

      The link seems to lead to an actual site. It’s entirely possible that the game is piggy backing of a more popular name though. They’re not fake or pirated in that case, but certainly could be violating a copywrite. Either way, as far as I’m aware, GameHag isn’t the one making the games. They’re just supplying users to complete the tasks.

      > Also I am fairly certain you can’t sell CSGO skins for currency under a business, as it violates Valve’s TOS and maybe the law?

      I’m not aware of any law that prevents selling virtual skins. I’m not sure about the rules about selling CS:GO skins, but I do know there are a ton of sites out there that deal with trading skins, and numerous websites reward users with those skins. If it is against their ToS, they don’t seem to be enforcing it very strictly.


      In either case, if you don’t feel comfortable with a website, it’s best not to use it. I recommend using one of the other listed methods in that case.

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