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Sites which have high pay rates, but in Europe?

Hi, I’m 21 years old, I am from Europe and I usually find it difficult to work online because some sites with high pay rates are available only in USA or Canada. Last year I worked on a very good site, *Emotion Miner ,* which paid 100 dollars for 2 work weeks. Unfortunately, that project isn’t available anymore. Does anyone from here know which are those sites that pay well even for people from Europe?

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  1. I recommend Clixsense. I’m from Spain and I’ve been using it since February 2018. I make around 60-80$ a month by taking surveys and doing offers & minijobs.

    1. I’m also using Clixsense from January 2018, but I’ve only made 38,37$. Tbh, I took a break for a few months last year, maybe that’s why I never reached that amount. That’s a very good amoun tho!

    2. I absolutely abhor Clixsense. Most surveys, you won’t qualify for, so you are doing free work. If you are able to get one you do qualify for, it pays next to nothing. If you don’t use it for a few weeks, all of the next-to-nothing you’ve earned until then is suddenly gone. I would really discourage you from supporting this.

      1. Three or four hours a day. I installed the Clixsense extension on Google Chrome, which lets me know when there is a survey available for me. That way I don’t have to be online all day waiting for survey invitations and can spend that time doing other stuff

        If you’re new to Clixsense, it’ll likely take you a while to get the hang of it. Once you understand how it works, everything will flow. Trust me, it’s totally worth it. I’ve never had any problem with Clixsense and they’ve always paid me after I’ve cashed out. I recommend that you have patience, read the forums on Clixsense and watch some tutorials on YouTube.

        Best of luck 🙂

          1. It depends on your personal circumstances. I’ve got a job in real life and I just use Clixsense as a way to make some extra money, which is just fine for me. I’ve never planned to make a living with Clixsense or any other PTC. Actually, if I had to make a living out of it, I would’ve ended up homeless by now lol.

    3. Idk, since the day that Clixsense stopped supporting paypal I dont have a real way to pay out my money anymore so I dont recommend it.

      1. Paypal no longer works with any PTC, which doesn’t mean that companies like Clixsense aren’t legit. It was just a change in Paypal policy to avoid more scams related to beermoney companies, since some of them were giving Paypal a bad name. Unfortunately that change affected all PTCs equally. Paypal didn’t bother to make a distinction :’)

        I use Payoneer, which is as safe and professional as Paypal. It charges you a 2$ commision to transfer your money to your bank account. There are other ways of cashing out your money though (tango card, visa, skrill and so on)

        1. Yea, nope, sorry. Even if they would have made a distinction, I would have hoped that they would have sorted Clixsense out. Their business model is to waste people’s lives for their own gain.

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  2. Yougov is decent. You get the surveys in batches one to two times a week, and each pays 0.25-1 euro. The surveys are sent via email, so you don’t have to constantly refresh a site either.

    1. The only thing with that is that you can’t claim until you have 5000 points (£50), so the soonest you can hit that is after about 3 months at the earliest.

      Also iirc most surveys are about 100-150 points, which is 10-15 pence.

      Note: I do YouGov surveys (and daily questions, although they’re not rewarded) and have for probably about a year and a half now.

  3. You can try and find some on /r/beermoneyglobal. Exactly for the reasons you mentioned the sub tries to only share sites that work for outside the US.

  4. If I ever find a developer willing to work for the greater good, I am all for setting up our own site that pays decent amounts. Believe it or not, businesses/researchers actually do pay quite well to get their insights. All the middlemen shaving off their shares is why this labor is paid so abysmally.

  5. I personally recommend Prolific Academic. I’m from Italy and it works quite well. I only watch Prolific every once in a while so I don’t make much (about 30£ a month, maybe?) but I guess if you dedicate to it (with a good extension that warns you about new studies) you could make much more. Also the studies are often very interesting and it feels good to participate in stuff that will result most likely in scientific publications.

  6. InstaGC, Grabpoints, and a couple survey sites = 150 a month and up, need a little luck and routine. Weekends usually suck.

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