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SMORES and ETV alternatives

Are there any alternative options for video watching? Most of the websites listed here utilize SMORES and ETV for rewards, but their latest updates have made watching videos an absolutely ridiculous time commitment for the most miniscule amount of reward.

I’ve tried keeping the window in focus but even then SMORES/ETV has made it downright impossible to earn without clicking or monitoring constantly.

Thank u and bless u

10 thoughts on “SMORES and ETV alternatives

  1. They went full retard — you never go full retard.

    Anyway, unfortunately I’d expect any similar sites would be mostly be US-orientated.

    1. Agreed. Wtih RewardRack/Koinme in the gutter at the moment, passive earnings are close to obsolete. Radio earn might be good, but they don’t have a proven track record yet to be reliable for the time being.

  2. InstaGC has their own videos which will run for like an hour or so before you have to restart the playlist. Plus they give a video bonus every Wednesday. They’re great…when you’re not banned from them, which happens on occasion for no reason.

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