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Survey sites that don’t keep redirecting me?

All the survey sites I’ve used do something like this:

I take a survey for 10 minutes then they tell me “sOrRy tHiS sUrVeY IsNt fOr YoU” then I get redirected to another survey.

This keeps repeating until I give up. I rarely get the points/coins.

Are there any survey sites that don’t do this?

6 thoughts on “Survey sites that don’t keep redirecting me?

  1. My suggestions are a bit different than typical survey sites, but (in addition to what has already been mentioned) the following don’t redirect… Mturk, YouGov, Intellizoom/UserZoom, Pinecone Research, and the main surveys at BeForthright (not the partner surveys). Also, the surveys in the apps ReceiptHog and Mobile Performance Meter won’t redirect.

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  2. If you are looking for apps..Surveys On The Go and QMee are awesome..with QMee you get random surveys and you can cash out to PayPal at any time and with Surveys On The Go they are more based off of locations that you go to and you can cash out after reaching $10 or more and they are instant once you do cash out. I bounce around multiple sites and apps so I haven’t been as active on them as I could be but I’ve made $70 off of QMee so far and $55 on SurveysONTheGo since I started them both in May. Then there is the app 1Q that also pays instantly through PayPal but is more sporadic a question randomly here and there but you also earn either $.25 or .50 cents or possibly more..which is pretty’ll get a random notification that you have a question and as soon as you answer and as long as you answer or respond quickly then you are immediately paid. Anyways I could go on and on lol hope this helps out!

      1. Awesome! Glad to help! Just remember to continually check for new surveys and there are a lot of times that you can do a 10-15 min survey for an easy $1 and change

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