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TaoTie – Was Anyone Actually Paid Last Time?


It’s the second time this program has been posted on our sub and I’m just wondering if anyone who signed up the first time when it was posted a few months ago was ever actually paid (other than the people who made the posts) for making any videos. If you could let us know, it would be really appreciated so we know for sure whether it’s legit or just some sort of referral scheme/data collection.

16 thoughts on “TaoTie – Was Anyone Actually Paid Last Time?

  1. I was actually paid and I learned about it by the post here I’m trying to think how far back it was I’ll search Reddit for the date and go back and find my payment proof hold tight

  2. I got paid! Took about two weeks from when I first started posting.

    I only posted maybe 24 videos, so I don’t know if posting, I don’t know, 50 videos prolongs the process. Iirc, they were having trouble processing the volume of submissions (this was early May when they first started marketing themselves to English speakers), which delayed payment.

    That said, even though it took a bit and even though it was all kinda shady, I got paid in full, so it’s all good.

    Edit: I signed up mid-April and got paid April 26 to my PayPal. I received $16 for 16 videos. Sorry for my crappy memory.

    1. I clicked edit and it shows public settings.. is there something other than imgur to use to upload payment proof? Or better yet are you on fb lol

  3. I can’t even log in because it is saying I need a referral code. I found the website on a YouTube video and there was no code

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