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[TASK] $8 USD — Research Tasks: Emotions Research Video! US Only.

Please read this whole post before participating in the task. If you have any questions you may email or you can message me on reddit.

Project Objective

This emotion video project requires every participant film a monologue video in American English for at least 20 minutes. Your recording will be only used to build facial/emotion recognition models for a smartphone app. It will not be published in any website. However, you will post your video to YouTube and set it as “Unlisted” so only we can view it. If you wish, you may delete the video after being paid.

The goal is to collect intuitive and convincing visual data of a variety of emotions in everyday life.

We work with a company, iPanelOnline Market Research, headquartered in Shanghai, China. Research panels are directed by local offices in the US and the Netherlands specializing in data collection for market research and AI analysis.

Target Definition

Participant should be a native American English speaker (pure Asian Americans are not needed for this project).

Each participant can only record 1 video.

Recording Tools and Environment

* Laptop webcam (minimum resolution 1280 * 720), or main camera of the smartphone.

* Quiet room.

* No headphones. No sunglasses, masks or any other obstacles between you and camera.

* Recording must take place indoors.

* Stationary camera is required.


* Internet connection (for file uploading)

* Mobile device and/or PC with microphone + camera

* PC/laptop webcam must be minimum resolution 1280 * 720

* Phone cannot be in selfie mode

* Must be a native-born American English speaker

* Quiet environment

* No headphones/sunglasses/masks/other facial accessories that block your face

* YouTube account

* You will need the YouTube app if you are completing this task on a mobile device (available on iOS & Android)

* link (requires PayPal account) — you can get your unique link [here](

* PayPal is not required if you wish to receive your payment via alternative payment method (ex: gift card, something for a game). If you wish to do so, please let us know by e-mailing us at

Content Requirement

There is no written script. Participant is free to choose the topics. Personal relationship and politics are equally fine, as long as the emotions are displayed. The most important thing is to display emotion while speaking. Best case scenario (all following emotions displayed): angry, happy, sad, disappointed, bored, disgusted, excited, fear, surprised or neutral.

**Minimum requirement (4 basic emotions displayed): happy, angry, sad, neutral.**

Quality Requirement

Examples of what we want to see:

* No background noises.

* Noise must be controlled at within 15dB SNR. (It should be fine if you film alone in the room)

* No vibration, clear frame. If you use the phone to record, make sure it is fixed and it should remain stable throughout the filming process. If you use a smartphone, ideally you should use a tripod, but any item that can help hold the phone steadily is fine.

* Face & torso of the recorded person can occupy up to 80% of the screen. Good lighting on face.

* Record for at least 20 minutes. Speak normally. Natural pauses are okay. Try to keep pauses under 10 seconds.

* At least 200 sentences must be said.

* Video must be at least 720p quality. When uploading to YouTube, make sure you are uploading as HD 720p.

* Video must be set as “Unlisted” so only people with the link may view the video.

* Indoor recording with sufficient lighting. No obvious shadow on the face. No sunglasses. Mouth cannot be covered.

* No obstacle between the participant and the camera. Participant’s torso should be in the frame.

Uploading the Video

You will need to upload your video to YouTube.

For PC users:

* Record your video and save it to your PC under the name “CaiKer1_[FirstName LastInitial]” (ex: “CaiKer1_JohnD”)

* Go to and log in to your YouTube account

* Go to the Upload page ( and upload the video you saved

* Make sure the video’s name on YouTube fits the required format: “CaiKer1_[FirstName LastInitial]” (ex: “CaiKer1_JohnD”)

* Set the video’s privacy setting to “Unlisted”

For mobile devices (YouTube app):

* (Android)

* (iOS)

* There will be a recording section in the YouTube app. You can record yourself through here. Once your recording has completed, upload it from your device. Once it has been uploaded, name the “CaiKer1_[FirstName LastInitial]” (ex: “CaiKer1_JohnD”). Make sure to set the privacy setting to “Unlisted”.

Suggested Topics

1. What makes you happy? The happiest moment in your life.

2. What makes you angry? Moments when you lost your temper.

3. What makes you sad? Family, relationships, politics, movies, greenhouse gas, endangered animals.

4. Embarrassing moments.

5. First time doing something.

6. School/job experience.

7. What annoys you?

8. The most boring class/subject you had.

9. Animals/insects that scare you.

10. Your most pleasant/unpleasant surprise.

11. Last time you felt excited.


$8 USD (sent via PayPal) for 20 minutes of video, following all guidelines.

Alternative methods of payment are available. Please contact us through e-mail if you would like to choose this option. $8 USD gifts, such as gift cards and games, are available.


Completed the Task?

Go to our website at and only proceed to the form at the bottom of that page when you have completed the task.

Any questions please e-mail us at


11 thoughts on “[TASK] $8 USD — Research Tasks: Emotions Research Video! US Only.

    1. The project is US only. No Asians. The project was already completed in China, and now we are completing the same project in the US.

          1. sorry for too many questions – when you say asian does it include South Asians?

    1. Yes, you can. Anything that shows emotion and fits the minimum requirement (4 basic emotions displayed): happy, angry, sad, neutral.

      Change up the story if you wish so it can match the emotions.

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