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Teach English Online!

For anyone interested in a part-time, online job that pays pretty good! (16 dlls per hour plus a 4 dollar bonus ) Must be working on a Bachelor degree or already have one to teach English as a second language to children in Beijing, China. The company is called Qkids and its one of THE best things (and easiest) I have ever worked at as a way to make money on the side of my regular job. If you are interested, here is the link:

The company is very supportive and easy to communicate with. They pay you in U.S. dollars and do a direct deposit to your bank account. Been doing this for a year and I love, love, LOVE it! If you want any other information, message me and I don’t mind giving advice or suggestions!

here is the non ref link :

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    1. yes ,
      so pay works like this
      a lesson is 30 min and they pay you per lesson
      8 dollars per lesson
      also per lesson you could get 1 dollar bonus for quality of the class , and another dollar for attendance if you teach over 14 classes a week.
      you can teach 2 lessons per hour so that adds up to 16 dollars per hour , plus the bonuses, 2 dollar bonus for the quality of the 2 classes, and attending them.

      to get the attendance bonus you jut have to teach over 14 classes and you would receive the attendance bonus for each class.
      for the quality one you just dont have to have any bad reviews from the parents , but honetly you get the bonus like 98 % of the lessons, and if you feel that the parents were unfair with the ratings you can dispute it and you get your dollar haha.

  1. Sounded good, but both links led to some scary warning about how my connection wasn’t secure, instead of just taking me to the site.

    1. I dont know why that is, I ve checked my referral tracking and Ive gotten like 30 people applying from my reddit posts, so wouldnt know.

      also here is a picture of me teaching, [so you know it aint fake]

      but I dont know what is the deal with the connection thing.

    2. Saw that too. Looks like because the cert just expired today. I would just wait a day or two to make sure the site resolves it.

    3. ” Attackers might be trying to steal your information from **** (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). ”

      Yep I got a warning too…

    1. no not directly , but they do require a background check which is done by Sterling Talent Solutions. Sterling is a reputable North American company with global partners. It conducts screenings using a secure online portal trusted across industries. Sterling will conduct both the background check and education verification. Qkids will pay the fees for processing background checks with Sterling.


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    1. I have heard that you struggle with bookings with vipkid.
      The only thing that I am not a fan of at Qkids is the schedule, I would love to teach more hours per day but they just offer 4 classes on weekdays and 9 classes on weekends.

      1. Assuming you don’t have a bad rating, bookings are not an issue (at least for the folks I know that do it) Especially once you start getting regulars too. I was told some students / parents get frustrated even when you tell them weeks in advance that you won’t be teaching certain dates

        Source : know 2 people that do vipkid 5-6 days a week for 3-4 hours. I think they said they make around $12-13 per half hour.

        1. It sure is ! I have heard of teachers working for 3 companies or more. only a few schools have a rule about not working for the competion, but qkids and vipkid dont care.

          1. Thanks for the info! I am expecting baby #2, and while I have a degree and can make a decent living outside the home, a care provider injured my girl when she was just a baby very badly, and I am hesitant to work outside the home unless my husband is the one watching the kids.

          2. I am sorry to hear about your baby girl. to be honest this is a really good opportunity , you could be bringing in anywhere from 300 a month to like 1200 depending on how much you work ! but being able to stay at home and take care of the kids is much better than having to leave them , also teaching with this company is quite easy, you dont have to plan the lessons and you dont have to write a report or anything you just finish your classes and log out, the class lenght is 30 min , and you get paid 8 dollars per class plus a 2 dollar bonus if the class was great and for attendance.

          3. Thank you. She’s perfect now but it was very scary. I have an English degree and tutored ESL throughout college. I’ve had some luck with chegg but it’s really hit or miss. Sometimes I earn $90 in one night, sometimes it’s nothing for weeks. You have to just be constantly available and hope for the best. So hopefully I can maybe mix the three and bring in some decent income and stay with them.

          4. I havent heard of egg, but with Qkids, when you give them your availability those time slots are going to be booked for sure.
            the only downside is that you can only work 2 hours a day, 4.5 on weekends,

            but those 2 hours make up 40 dollars for just 2 hours, and it for sure is realiable. I would love if they did offer more classes but well, nothing to do there.

            Also there is a referral bonus of a 100 dollars for every person that you get hired , so that helps as well !

  3. I’m a little confused by your wording – do you need to be working on a bachelors in languages? I’m working on a BSc and I’m interested

    1. it is quite easy ,they have 2 interviews if Im not mistaken, in the first one they will ask you the basic interview questions, experience qualifications and so on, also they will teach you how to use the platform to teach, which would be the focus of the 2nd interview, to see if you did learn how to navigate the platform.

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