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Test drive a Hyundai for $50 gift card (possibly US only)

Hyundai does a promotion where they will give you a $50 Visa card if you simply test drive one of their vehicles at a Hyundai dealership. I did this last year and made an easy $50. I just heard the advertisement again yesterday. Last time I went, I told the guy at the dealership I wasn’t interested in the cars, I just wanted my $50. He didn’t even make me drive one, and the next day I got my $50 card in an email. It made me feel like a dick but if you’re looking for easy cash go and test drive a Hyundai on your lunch break today!

48 thoughts on “Test drive a Hyundai for $50 gift card (possibly US only)

    1. Not sure. Google search “hyundai test drive $50” and you should find something on their website

  1. Did mine this AM after getting my car serviced.

    As he was some type of manager, he made me do the test drive. It was fine, since I’ll be buying a Hyundai after this car dies, but they generally don’t require the test drive. Still less than 20 minutes total. And he sent me a cute video by text afterwards, thanking me for my time.

    You can do it once every 6 months.

    I suggest you screenshot your code. Glad I did because it never made it to my phone (text) although that’s what I requested.

      1. Not yet. I think once I received it a few hours later and once 24 hours later. But last week? You should have recieved it by now for sure.

    1. They give you a certificate for $1,000 Schrute bucks which you painstakingly have to find a place that can convert that to $50 in Stanley nickels. From there you will have to go to a different place to get the standard conversion if 1 STY to 1 USD, but usually the bank will take some off the top so you’ll end up with about $45.

      I suggest doing this during the test drive, that’s what I did atleast.

      1. I don’t but you’ll get it by getting on the Dodge website and going to your local dealers page. Then pull up new inventory. A side bar on the right side of the screen came up that said something like click for test drive offer.

  2. Despite the fact there is a dealership in my city, they assigned me to a dealership that is over an hour’s drive away. I’m not doing that for $50.

    1. Same. I went and never got the $50 as promised lol, but I got Chick fil a and that was worth it since we don’t have one in my city.

  3. Did this with Ford a while back. They will sign off if you really don’t want to test drive. Saves them time.

  4. Confirmed on both Hyundai and Dodge – been to multiple dealerships in the Piedmont NC area (using different email address and phone numbers) with no problem. Only had to ‘actually’ test drive one time at Hyundai, all the others just gave me the card after I said I wasn’t interested in buying at this time.

  5. Last time I did this at a non-local dealership because my local one wasn’t eligible. They told me they’d email me, but never did.

    The time before that I did it at my local dealership and they gave me a physical gift card after testdrive.

    1. If they told me they would email me and they never did then I would call that place every day until they sent that shit to me!!

      1. I did once and the old granddad just told me “Hyundai handles it and have to wait on them” or some crap like that. I’ll try this offer again with my local dealer though

  6. I took advantage of this promotion last time they had it. Pretty straightforward. You may have to sit through a sales pitch. I’m actually in the market for a new car. May do it again since you’re eligible every 6 months.



  7. lol the last time I did this it was a crazy crazy busy sale day and I told them I was there for the gift card offer and they said they didn’t really have time and they would just send it to me XD Also I’ve heard if you are just honest up front why you are there a lot of the reps won’t make you sit through a test drive.

  8. Got this deal instantly during my wife’s last test drive. Showed up before we even finished buying her Hyundai Kona.

      1. It’s teeny tiny. I have an Elantra and it’s even smaller, though higher. I’ll go with the Tuscon.

          1. I honestly don’t know. I’ve only had Hyundai and Kia. I googled real quick and it looks like the CRV is their compact SUV.

          2. I would totally say the Honda HRV is an equivalent to the Kona also the Toyota CHR and others. It’s like a small crossover SUV slightly bigger than small sedans but slightly smaller than small SUVs like the rav4

          3. Not a straight-up equivalent, but I have a Honda Fit I’ve been happy with. It’s a teeny tiny car with a large hatchback and a ridiculous amount of storage space for its size.

            The Toyota Yaris is similar but even smaller. I chose the Fit simply because my legs do not fit under the steering wheel of the Yaris even when it’s adjusted all the way up.

            (This was all about eight years ago, so current models may be different.)

          4. You know what, I’ve been looking at fits too.
            I have a sedan right now and I just want something different, but not something that would force me to spend more on gas. So I’ve been looking at little hatchbacks. I was also looking at that hybrid hatchback from Kia (nero? I’m on mobile so) but I keep hearing bad things about hybrids, that it isn’t that much better for the environment because of the battery, and you don’t end up not saving money because of repairs on the battery.

          5. For what it’s worth, I have a 2014 tucson. Only have one more payment left, so I’m excited to not have a car payment. The car is OK, I haven’t had any issues really but only have 45,000 miles on it. I got the mid package because I wanted the roof rack, but it strangely doesn’t have an exterior temp gauge. That’s really my only complaint about the car. I picked that over a ford escape because the hyundai warranty was literally double what the ford had. I was tired of car repair bills (each inspection was minimum $800- one year I had to get the driver side door welded back on!) so the longer warranty was a big selling point for me.

      2. So I have a Kia Sportage (Tuscon) and love it, lots of room. The Kona with the 1.6 Turbo and dual clutch is pretty fun to drive though! It’s fast, but suffers when going slow as the clutch makes things a little more jerky. Overall it’s a solid car. Ended up leaving the highest model for around $420/month.

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