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Thank you, BeerMoney!

I wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for all the resources readily available on this subreddit!

Thanks to you guys I was able to preorder one of the Switch games I’ve been looking forward to for the past several months – Super Mario Odyssey =) All of the money I have received in the past couple months bumped the game from 60 some bucks down to around 20 bucks. I am so happy to have found this subreddit and I hope to continue to come back here especially for the impending Christmas season =)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Thank you, BeerMoney!

    1. In the beginning, I used Perkstv and a couple of their apps to grind for points. I realized their program wasn’t worth it to me, grinded to $5, haven’t looked back at them.

      For the rest, I used InstaGC. Had it running night and day while my computer was idling. I checked daily to see if it was still running ads, and refreshed the page.

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  1. Hey! If you buy at least 2 games a year, I really recommend getting Best Buy’s Gamers club unlocked. It’s $30 for two years but it gives a 20% discount. It’ll really add up for you

    1. Yessss! I am hoping to switch over to BBY GCU when my Gamestop membership expires in Dec/Jan. I saved a bunch with GS’s Membership (~$200 worth over the course of 2-3 years), but I don’t like shopping often with GS anymore…for reasons. I also like that GCU helps with their Amiibo prices as well =)

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