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28 thoughts on “The Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Earned Me $30,000 In 22 Days!

  1. 50.00 an hour. hell no. your not helping people. your ripping people off. no wonder you made 30K in a month. Why would you need to do affiliate marketing charging those rates?

  2. James Bowen, thank you so much for starting this channel! I accidentally stumbled across one of your videos a few weeks back and I'm convinced that one video has put my life into a completely different direction. Would've never know about Amazon FBA without you. You da man!

  3. Cool stuff James! Congratulations! I'm on the same thinking that you are with getting in on the Amazon wave. I'm in the real estate niche. I'm looking to diversify my business with FBA, then pump that revenue into real estate. I look forward to more tips and content from you!

  4. I just started an affiliate with Amazon just under a week ago, and have no website, so I use Facebook, and I see I have 330 clicks on my links, but no one has purchased.. But, I know I can't give up.

  5. Bro, dont go to kho phangan while you are in koh samui lol i made that mistake and it completely derailed me. I mean spend a night or two, but get out lol Im leaving toronto for shanghai on july 17th. Good Luck!

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