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The June Mid-Month Report – Whats Hot and Not. Whats News and Whats New.

#The Mid Month Report

Im going to try to start doing a Mid Month report of whats hot and whats not for me as well as any major news that has popped up through the month. Will see how it goes with time and stuff.

Oh and the brand new, revamped, longer, more in depth, improved Mturk 101 that Ive been promising for several months is finally done if anyone wants that.

###Whats Hot:

– Mturk – Summer slump? What summer slump? I had a $100 day on Friday for the first time in a long time. And on pace to top $1K there this month. Hopefully the last 2 weeks are as good as the first two.

– Prolific Academic – Also should be slumping for the summer. But Ive already equalled last month’s earnings. Is everyone taking summer courses this year?

– Earnhoney – Yes Earnhoney! Ive had a week of $3 days. Which is the best Ive had this year. And no ad verification network IP blocks in months. If things continue I might hit triple digits for the first time in a long time.

– Crowtap – After trending down for me in May, this is trending back up to a $25-$30 month pace for June

###Whats Not

– Volkno – Going on two months of not being able to cash out. Various excuses given when contacting em. The fact that they are answering emails gives me a bit of hope.. but it dwindles each day

– Rewardable – I erroneously included them on this months earnings report. I didnt verify they had paid me. They hadnt and still havent and no communication. Are they pulling a nadamobile and just gonna go dark? Time to turn em off until we see whats going on.

###Whats New: (New programs Ive been checking out)

– Shoppercoin – Receipt App. IMO DO NOT USE! Company is based in Malaysia and requires a photo of your drivers license and a selfie in order to cash out

– Honeygain – Havent started running this yet. Seems to be like phonepaycheck/fluidstack/packetstream

– Hyperdrive/Smiles Earn on the GO – My truck driving landlord is testing these out. He likes it so far.
– Cocoon Browser – Claims to earn money while browsing. We shall see

###Whats News:

– Ascend ends SmoresTV, leaving HideoutTV as their only video offering.
– Perk announced the end of the Watchback app and their joint venture with NBC. But the rumor of their potential closure seems to just be a rumor.
– Circle Pay ceasing operation. Meaning US users of Prolific Academic will now be forced to pay fees on their cashouts
– Roku earning seems dead once again. Swagbucks and Earnhoney/Acewall both pulled their Roku earning oppurtunities toward the end of last month. Seems no one can make this work.

123 thoughts on “The June Mid-Month Report – Whats Hot and Not. Whats News and Whats New.

  1. I haven’t used mturk in over a year and only used it off and on maybe made $250 all together and averaged maybe 2-4 dollars an hour when I have done it. Any tips to make more or find better hits?

    1. All/any tips would be in his mturk 101 guide that he just updated. You can ask him for it and he’ll send it to you. You might find some helpful tips over at /r/mturk as well.

      1. Is it better to contact you directly or just reply here for the new mturk document? I know you are a busy and famous man so I’m not sure lol. Thanks in advanced!

      2. Hey, do you think you could send me this as well? I am trying to do MTurk much more frequently, however, I don’t see as many gains as Reddit.

    1. Fritz&Hammer Crowdsourcing, and Music Bed were my big batches on Friday. And the weekly $16 HIT from Survey Comet

      1. my laptop crashed right when fritzy showed up, crap.

        plus side, spent $400 on a new laptop..that’s still in the box at the moment.

          1. yeah i’m just a weird type. i want to spend most of june just cashing out old balances. in case i ever decided to do it on the new laptop and risk sites doing the “oh, you have went over the device limit for our site, ba-bannned”. lol

            it’s not a great laptop persay, levono ideapad. i hated even dealing with brick & mortar places. but, good thing about being cheap is you hoard a lot of collateral 😉

            good deal on the fritz!

          2. ah good deal, yeah i’m probably just overthinking. least now i’ll have ALMOST your kind of setup now. two laptops, few phones. soon a tablet which will likely not be for beermoney.

            i figure too that it’s summer, i’m not around *as much* may as well dip while i can. knock off things i’ve been putting off since who knows when.

    1. He literally just started Smiles last night so wont be for a while. Bunch of talk in the discord about it though

    2. I cashed out Thursday by emailing them and asking for PayPal, still waiting on it. But they did say it could take 48-72 hours and that weekends would slow down the payment. Hopeful that it’ll be here today or tomorrow!

  2. I dig the format of this post and think it’ll be very helpful going forward, thanks for doing another thread.

        1. They eventually gave everyone the points they were owed. Or I guess I should say, gave the points to everyone I had talked to lol

  3. The last few weeks, I was earning about $5-$10 a day from acewall on instagc, since yesterday it been crap literally. I might have to try mturk for sure, I would appreciate a copy of your mturk guide.

    1. Acewall is put out by the same company that does Earnhoney. The advertiser uses an verification service that does temp IP blocks if its algorithm feels your IP has viewed too much advertising.. seems to be based on both how much you have seen and location. But no one is sure exactly what triggers it. Give your IP a few days to “heal” and try again.

      Give me a few and Ill get you the Mturk 101 PMd

      1. Ok thanks for the info, yeah there’s definitely a cap with them. I was only allowed to make about $1.50 or so from acewall. After that I got a message saying I watch the whole playlist to come back tomorrow. It play videos but nothing credits. And thx for the guide will be going over it.

  4. I checked your recent post history to make sure that I wasn’t spamming, but I don’t see your Mturk 101 guide linked in anything recent. I would like a copy of this as well to see if there is anything that I can do to increase my earnings/streamline efficiency that I am not already doing if you don’t mind!

  5. What a bizarre first post in two years. You guys looking for a social media manager? Kinda seems like y’all could use one.

  6. Hideout seems to be requiring you to have a account now. I know a lot of people already did that but I was just letting them credit straight to Earnably. I noticed I wasn’t getting any points the other day and saw the warning that a login on was now required. It rather sucks. I liked the auto-credit straight to Earnably.

    InstaGC added another video provider. Looks like you’re capped per day but it’s a nice addition to run through.

    SwagBucks, where is Laptop guy, desktop girl, binoculars girl? Seriously the video section is lacking.

    1. If you dont have laptop guy, you might be banned from hyperMX.

      GG2U also has channel watcher and you can do it at both sites. Cap at GG2U has been higher.

      1. HyperMX works for me on InstaGC without problem. I just don’t see it on Swagbucks unless it’s in some new location other than Sponsored Videos.

        1. Did you try the direct link? I thought I was banned because I kept getting a tiny yellow banner that said “sorry this offer is no longer available” and a redirect to swagbucks home page. But it worked fine for me on instagc. So I tried a link someone posted during the challenge and it worked again. I will post it here when my computer charges.

    2. the igc part. ‘channel watcher’ i think capped me around 15 cents. it does look nice though, since it’s passive..even if it’s cut off short.

  7. Good post.

    I’m watching honeygain with keen interest. I’m up to $8.16 earned (that’s with the $5 joinup bonus). I seem to be averaging around $0.20-$0.30 a day, with my best day so far earning $0.80. Not bad for a passive app you can just load up and leave running in the background along with cashmagnet and the other apps I have on my phones. It’s also worth noting that honeygain will also now run on windows pcs.

    1. I have it on 4 phones and a PC since last night.. up to about 34 cents in about 18 hours or so.

      It definitely prefers devices that are not doing much else. the 2 Galaxy 6s that just have phonepaycheck are outperforming my Super spec’d PC and my Galaxy Note 9. but even my note 9 has passed my PC, which is a beast of a machine

      1. Yeah it’s definitely odd alright. One of my worst specced phones which I can barely run anything else on does well.

        I currently have it running on 6 phones and my windows desktop and laptop (when they are on). The windows machines have the lowest uploads, though to be fair, they are not on 24/7 and the windows app only came out a few days ago (I’ve been running the android ones for 10 days now).

          1. I thought so too, and according to the FAQ it is. But some still earn even though I’m using more than 6. Don’t know if it rotates between devices or something else is going on.

  8. What do you do for EarnHoney? Ive never had success with this. Are you able to run anything else on the device that you are using it with? I never seem to get much ads or credits when attempting to use it and I have the volume up and the screen completely open.

      1. How many are you using? I have some kindles on rewardable that I need to switch to something else. Are you using the web site or the app?

  9. watchback shut down their facebook page a couple of days ago. but according to their original claims, their moving to more of a platform that only works on tv’s, or roku kind of stuff. but the prizes will be more catered to ‘chance’ wins however. so, that whole ship itself won’t last even with the realignment there IMO.

    edit: i wish i had a good mturk month, this month here will be embarrassingly bad. so bad in fact i’m debating to even share my monthly post on the 5th lol

  10. I would appreciate the MTurk 101 if you have a chance. I finally started using MTurk Suite, which has been a big help. Now I just need to get better at using it lol.

  11. Just installed honeygain. Sounds right up my passive alley. If anyone is interested/willing to use a referral let me know. Also use the code “gethoney” to get 5,000 points to start. Plan on installing it on my phone running PhonePaycheck 24/7 at home too.

    Cash out seems a little high at $20, but like I said I’m a sucker for passive earnings, and I’m looking to bump my earnings per month up some. I’ll report back in a couple days of it on both phones to see how earnings are.

    I enjoy these types of posts, it’s hard to find new apps that aren’t offer walls. Also congrats the mturk/prolific earnings, wish I could have the discipline to steadily do them.

  12. >Cocoon Browser – Claims to earn money while browsing. We shall see

    If that is [this browser](, then interested parties should read the small print carefully:

    > Please note that beta testing is currently available only in the USA.

    It is getting frustrating clicking interesting links only to see that the rewards aren’t available in the UK at all, cash-out is impossible, hidden in (likely non-existent) draws, or are so small as not to be worth the effort. Still, nice to see some fresh companies in the mix regardless.

  13. You could add Checkpoints to the beermoney graveyard. The app is completely dead now. They have removed all scan options which was really the last way you could earn.

  14. Nice info, i just signed in for Mturk,waiting for my account to be aproved, i will be very thankful if you can share you 101 guide with me so i can start with the right foot 😀

  15. Love this new report style and helping us on our beermoney journey.


    Hopefully you can share the mturk 101 with me, i live in the uk btw

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