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The June Mid-Month Report – Whats Hot and Not. Whats News and Whats New.

#The Mid Month Report

Im going to try to start doing a Mid Month report of whats hot and whats not for me as well as any major news that has popped up through the month. Will see how it goes with time and stuff.

Oh and the brand new, revamped, longer, more in depth, improved Mturk 101 that Ive been promising for several months is finally done if anyone wants that.

###Whats Hot:

– Mturk – Summer slump? What summer slump? I had a $100 day on Friday for the first time in a long time. And on pace to top $1K there this month. Hopefully the last 2 weeks are as good as the first two.

– Prolific Academic – Also should be slumping for the summer. But Ive already equalled last month’s earnings. Is everyone taking summer courses this year?

– Earnhoney – Yes Earnhoney! Ive had a week of $3 days. Which is the best Ive had this year. And no ad verification network IP blocks in months. If things continue I might hit triple digits for the first time in a long time.

– Crowtap – After trending down for me in May, this is trending back up to a $25-$30 month pace for June

###Whats Not

– Volkno – Going on two months of not being able to cash out. Various excuses given when contacting em. The fact that they are answering emails gives me a bit of hope.. but it dwindles each day

– Rewardable – I erroneously included them on this months earnings report. I didnt verify they had paid me. They hadnt and still havent and no communication. Are they pulling a nadamobile and just gonna go dark? Time to turn em off until we see whats going on.

###Whats New: (New programs Ive been checking out)

– Shoppercoin – Receipt App. IMO DO NOT USE! Company is based in Malaysia and requires a photo of your drivers license and a selfie in order to cash out

– Honeygain – Havent started running this yet. Seems to be like phonepaycheck/fluidstack/packetstream

– Hyperdrive/Smiles Earn on the GO – My truck driving landlord is testing these out. He likes it so far.
– Cocoon Browser – Claims to earn money while browsing. We shall see

###Whats News:

– Ascend ends SmoresTV, leaving HideoutTV as their only video offering.
– Perk announced the end of the Watchback app and their joint venture with NBC. But the rumor of their potential closure seems to just be a rumor.
– Circle Pay ceasing operation. Meaning US users of Prolific Academic will now be forced to pay fees on their cashouts
– Roku earning seems dead once again. Swagbucks and Earnhoney/Acewall both pulled their Roku earning oppurtunities toward the end of last month. Seems no one can make this work.

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