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The specificity for UserTesting screeners has gotten way out of hand

I’ve been off the platform for a while so I’m going through about 5 pages of screeners right now. Three pages down and not a single hit. The last screener required someone to be a “Thai national living in the United States working as a professional electrician.” Are you kidding me?

Maybe focus more on getting testers that can demonstrate the ability to ‘put themselves in the shoes’ of people from different walks of life instead of searching for a needle in a haystack. Rant over

21 thoughts on “The specificity for UserTesting screeners has gotten way out of hand

  1. I agree their screeners are pretty honed in to a specific demographic. They really should implement a **real** profile system.



    Having said that, I am on pace for a $750+ month from them, so I’m not overly upset by it.

      1. I take every screener that pops up… only way to do it. Most of them are only a couple of questions, so you get DQed quickly and if I do even one test a day, it’s still more efficient use of my time compared to gpt sites and surveys.

  2. That specificity is what makes the money decent. If they couldn’t guarantee niche audiences they wouldn’t be able to pay as well.

  3. I joined usertetsing a few weeks and even though I went through a few dozen screeners, I’ve only had 1 test. Kinda makes me mad, I’m more than happy to do website testing but they’re too stingy with their screeners.

  4. Lol, I made a post about the same thing.

    I remember clicking a good 10 screening questions before getting disqualified. I wish they would just use the information we provided to pre-screen us for tests we already qualify for.

  5. Hey guys! I am a User Experience designer who uses this service every couple weeks to test things, and I have made these screener things you so hate.

    I have also used the service like you guys too, so I have a bit of insight on both sides.

    The reason why we have to be sooo damnnn specific is because of the “professional testers” who are not honest with their questions.

    When I say I need a middle aged woman who is not familiar with beaut product websites and who lives in Seattle… man, I fking need that. Not someone else who lies on the form thing to be able to do that.

    We watch the recordings afterward, and it is usually apparent within a couple minutes of the person is actually what we need. It is also always apparent if they are “professional testers” who have become so accustomed to sites and how tests work that your data is tainted and not accurate.

    This results in us requesting a refund from because we can tell that the user is not what we needed. Then they have to go watch it and agree that it is bum data and the refund is, then we have to go run the test again…

    Yeah anyways 🙂

    1. I think most people here understand that, we just wish Usertesting would implement a profile system. I shouldn’t even get screeners asking if I’m pregnant as a 50+ year old male.

      1. You are correct 🙂 that is weird ha
        I think it may be a fault of the person setting it up. Like they have settings that are specific to things like age and gender and such, but then in their own questions they can ask whatever they want, and those questions aren’t exactly measured against the profiles because they are considered just screener questions. (Ie, could be anything)

  6. I got so discouraged that I started believing that the UserTesting screeners were just data collection tools disguised as a way to potentially “make money”. Hell, that may be the case. Is UserTesting operating a website testing service, or a data collection service? What do they do with the answers from all these supposedly disqualified screeners?

    1. Well I (and a lot of other people here and on the discord server) have made quite a bit of money off of them over the past year and a half, so I know that’s not the case, but wouldn’t you think if that WAS the case, they would ask you more than one or two questions before DQing you?


      {EDIT} Left out a lot of words…

      1. What would you estimate your ROI is in terms of time spent? Like, if you spend an hour getting DQ’ed by surveys and then you do one for $10… you got paid $10 an hour. What do you suppose the normal hourly rate is for UT users?

        1. I don’t think anybody spends an hour a day getting screened out. Seriously, it takes 20-30 seconds at the most to be DQed from a test, let’s say it takes a full minute… 60 tests a day you are trying to get into. Most people get into 10% of the tests they try, so 6 tests a day, tests are supposed to only be 15 minutes, but some go longer. They will pay you extra if it goes really long, but we’ll go with 15 minutes.

          $60 for 2.5 hours of work, that’s the time it takes to screen out and the actual time spent doing the tests.


          Now I have more success than most people at it and I don’t get 6 tests a day very often. I probably average 3 tests a day.


          Also there are moderated tests that pay you more. $30 for a 30 minute test and $60 for an hour long test.



          Anyway you cut it, you are making quite a bit more than minimum wage and I actually enjoy doing the testing. It’s something I’m pretty good at.


          {EDIT} Here is my paypal ledger for may. There is a few other tests in there from other companies, and I got rid of the names of a few things, but you can see all the payments from usertesting.



          1. How do you get the $10 tests? I get several tests a day but for .20…….what am i doing wrong?

          2. You must not be on They do have random $3 tests, but that’s the lowest and those are extremely rare. Pretty much every standard test is $10.

    2. Most of time I go 0 / 20. But recently I been doing pretty good about 1 / 6 ish. UserTesting is definitely legit and I like the fact they send out payments via PayPal.

      I use to think the same about (I was 0 / 100ish) then finally got one this week. But man was the survey long. It did pay $40 though. So $40 for around 110 screeners…. not sure if it was worth it. Hopefully, I get more on Respondent since they can pay really well.

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