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This is for being a rat, but for a good cause. Not sure how I feel about this one?

New Yorker Finds Perfect Way To Make Money While They Wait

I’d do this in a heartbeat for litterbugs. Anyone know of other places that do this? It is a slippery slope though and I think I’d feel some kind of way and I’ve always heard that the irs has some rat-reward program but idk if that is real and I would kind of hope that certain types of tattle-tales just get themselves in trouble.

38 thoughts on “This is for being a rat, but for a good cause. Not sure how I feel about this one?

  1. Not worth the risk. You get caught by the wrong guy on the wrong day and it will cost you a hell of a lot more than whatever pittance the city is paying for tips.

    1. first time offender gets you 87.50$

      repeated offender gets you 500$

      That’s not that bad tbh. Worth enough to invest in some brass knuckles or mace or something

      1. …damn no shit. I might be in the wrong line of work. There have definitely been times in my life where I’d take a beating for $500.

        1. realistically.. unless its close I bet you could stop recording after 3-5 minutes and they likely wouldnt even know or be back by then

      2. Lol, you ever been to NY? It’s illegal and you’ll get the snot beat out of you. I’m sure if those cameras weren’t around things would have gone a little different. I’ve seen it happen before while living in The Bronx.

        1. I am having so much trouble trying to parse whatever you’re getting at, but it sounds like you’re getting your ideas from 80’s TV

      3. yeah the guy said he makes like ten grand per month?? He must have some kind of system or favorite spots where he just knows that someone is going to risk the fine.
        A service dog could come in handy for someone in this line of work.

  2. They destroy the EPA and let the big polluters get away without fines but let the little man (with good intentions) get paid to go after the little guy who is hardly, no, not even, the problem.


    The corporations don’t even have to plot to have us work against each other, just add a *little* incentive for the activist and… here we are.

    1. This. Fuck the DEP because they are just like the IRS they can’t go after the big guys so they pick on the little ones. Personal waste and environmental emissions is nothing compared to big corporation

    1. Catching 1 first time offender a day makes the same amount as 8 hours of minimum wage in New York. I’m sure you can find more than 1 per 8 hours.

        1. You send in the video proof and they ticket them retroactively.

          I feel like I’m the only one who read the article

          1. But we don’t know how many of the complaints submitted are acted on. Maybe it’s 100% but probably not.

          2. It’s also a question of efficiency. How many claims do they get? How many of those claims don’t have enough quality evidence for them to act? How many people do they have processing this stuff? Based on this and internal priorities of the city administration I’d expect success of complaints to vary widely.

          3. I think that sooner or later all claims gets processed.

            But sure it might be a month or two until it goes through.

  3. Found a new revenue stream for google. They should just go through all surveillance cams and user phones… find videos and auto report..

  4. Such a stupid law and yeah you’d be a dirty rat to try to wrangle $88 out of someone that way. Dont be that person that’s low.

    1. There are many people out there who make a living do way worse stuff than this, and you call people who do this a “dirty rat” and “low”?

      “Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”

    2. You’d have to work about 12 hours at minimum wage to earn $88. I don’t blame someone if they’re struggling for money and decide to do this.

      1. Gotta assume this would be taxable income. Minimum wage is 11.10 in NY.

        This is effectively the same as 8 hours, not 12.

  5. You wouldn’t make it long doing that in the small town where I live. As soon as one person got a ticket and it was discovered you were the piece of shit basically stealing hard earned money from someone letting their car run you’d have a rough life to live.

    It’s hard enough to get by now days without some do gooder piece of shit basically stealing from you.
    I mean it’s cold in the winter here and people leave there cars running all the time.
    I’ve had cars with mechanical problems that had to be jumped or push started every time they were shut off.

    There’s a million legit reasons to leave your car running and there’s nothing at all wrong with doing so.

    I would support someone stealing from Walmart or committing insurance fraud before doing sone slimy grease ball shit like this guys doing.

    I honestly don’t see how the son of a bitch gets by with it ? I guess it would be easier to hide in a big city. I’m out in the country and am only near small towns so this shit absolutely wouldn’t fly around here at all.

    This guy would get hurt as soon as word got out what he was doing. Even bystanders whom he wasn’t trying to fuck over wouldn’t allow him to get by with this shit.

    I really hope he gets what’s coming to him very soon

    1. There’s something wrong with letting your car run if there’s a law against it. So what if you don’t like or agree with a law,it exists and should be followed. Break it? Take the consequences without acting like a baby or blaming other people. Period.

      1. With a comment like that I’m confident you report all of your beermoney earnings, garage sale proceeds, and the $20 you found on the ground on your taxes each year.

      2. Same goes for cry babies running around telling on people. They need to be prepared to face the consequences when they meet up with someone who stomps the piss out of them

  6. not sure how to make of this, in a large city there’s a risk. in a small town where people are dog eat dog, this is a whole snitches get stitches.

    an idle vehicle can be idle for many reasons. say for example a single parent letting the car warm up before heading to work/kids to school. or they did some car work and it means they have to let a motor run for about 10 minutes?

    i wasn’t aware there was a ‘3 minutes’ rule in NYC. of course apparently neither did many others in the video. personally, even with the whole “make the city clean” theme that seems to be running in this, or just away to use people as snitches…which has it’s own risks/costs.

    personally, i wouldn’t do it. now if it’s for say, people leaving animals/kids in hot vehicles or even in the winter time cold? that kind of a program i’d gladly contribute.

  7. Reporting someone for breaking the law is being a rat? Ridiculous. If those people didn’t break the law, there would be nothing to report. I’d report them quite proudly and laugh all the way to the bank.

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