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Time to stop using, if you haven’t already.

So as most people know, started out paying every ten days, then it went to twice a month, and this past February, it went to once a month.

All without communication from the developer/company. All of the documentation STILL says they pay every ten days, but that hasn’t been true for over a year now.

Now they aren’t paying at all. It’s been just about 40 days since the last payment and not a single word from them. Nothing. They do not respond to any emails, nor do they use their sub. The mods on the sub were in contact with them in the past. They would at least tell the mods something about what was going on, but I guess that is no longer the case as can be seen here.


Usually when you ask about payments on the sub, you just get a few people telling you to “STOP FREAKING OUT!!!!” and be patient, even though you are just looking for information. Even that has pretty much stopped. I think even those people are resigned to the fact the company is stopping support for [Koinme]( I’m not seeing any complaints on the RewardRack sub, which is the sister company, so either they are only going to support that site or they are just used to missing payments there.

They’ve always shown disdain to their users by just ignoring any attempts at communication, but at least they paid out. Seems that is done. Pretty sure they’ve gone the nadamobile route and we’ll never see what is owed.

So if you are still running a tab with their videos, it’s a good idea to stop ASAP. If everybody stops using the service it should, at the very least, get them to tell us what is going on.

{EDIT} Not sure why I called it []( in the subject line, it’s obviously

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