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To anyone who is doing the Neevo US English speech recording job and is NOT A NATIVE AMERICAN ENGLISH SPEAKER



For the real American English natives, if you’re not seeing any more tasks in this job, don’t worry. The non-natives will be kicked and their tasks cancelled and re-opened very soon for native speakers to re-do.

20 thoughts on “To anyone who is doing the Neevo US English speech recording job and is NOT A NATIVE AMERICAN ENGLISH SPEAKER

  1. Non native speakers will still try and see if they get paid. I remember not long ago they opened a test job like this and asked native american english speakers to record 25 audios on their recording app and after reviewing those, if they were happy with your work, they would let you do more. This job must not be as strict.

  2. They do say «native level speaker», which is a little bit different, in my opinion. You can be born in the US and have a strong foreign accent if you grew up in a household where other languages are spoken, for example. Not that I would try it, I know my accent is not american, but I did get invited because I have the «native US english speaker» badge.

    (Edit: typo)

    1. >but I did get invited because I have the «native US english speaker» badge.

      Yeah, but that just requires that you pass a written test for nativeness, right? A written test is much easier to evaluate by machine compared to a spoken test. And a writing/reading native test is generally a whole lot easier for non-native speakers to pass compared to speaking/listening. I know personally I could pass French nativeness for wrining/reading but no way could I pass for speaking/listening. No real way to pass a “spoken” test without having a real human native listen, which can’t be done in the test.

      Anyway, I think you COULD be a spoken native even if you did grow up in a house where other languages are spoken. There is such a thing as multiple native languages, and if you went to kindergarten and onwards entirely in English, for example, but spoke something else in the home, your spoken English could still easily qualify as native US.

      1. I can only speak from what I know, but in my country, for instance, I know several people born here that always went to school here and yet they have a «non-native» accent because of the way the language is spoken at home. They wouldn’t pass a «native speaker» test and yet they are, in fact, native speakers. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure my daughter who is only 11 would easily pass an american english native speaker test, although she has never lived in the US nor was she raised in an english speaking household. What I mean to say is that you can be a «native level speaker» of a language and not be a native of the country, and vice-versa.

  3. Is there any limit to recording these? It doesn’t mention anything but I don’t want to just keep recording them if there is some sort of limit.

      1. on 22 right now. my only question is how long do we wait to get paid? same concept, they never tell there to?

        1. It usually is after Neevo makes a data delivery to whichever client they’re collecting the data for. My guess is that’s up to a week after the completion of collection and validation to put that all together. However in this case, because this particular job has been hit hard by non-natives and spammers, there’s going to be A LOT of cleaning up to do. So it will likely take longer to make the actual delivery, which means unfortunately a longer wait for payment. Neevo is still ALWAYS reliable for payment though, even if it does come later than expected.

          1. understandable. i did notice the horatio app had a little bit of a glitch when i tried to load the job back up. said something like. ‘no prompts available for this job’. but yet on my main dashboard the job was still listed as active.

            i’m new to neevo. so maybe it’s something easy to figure out that i’m not keen on.

          2. When the latest non-natives get their tasks cancelled they should open up and you’ll see more tasks available in Horatio. That’s usually the way it works.

  4. solution is very simple: if someone records their voice and is not a native english speaker and the job demands it, then neevo shouldn’t pay them

    1. Yeah but the thing is, about 300 new people have come into the job in the last 4-5 days. About 80% of them are obvious non-natives. In a job that makes it CLEAR that it’s only for native speakers of US English. Why are these people polluting the job and wasting hours of their time when they’ll just be blocked and not paid?

      1. if you think about it, this isn’t really a problem for you. if they block them, they have to reissue the test and that means more work for you, so you can potentially be paid twice.

        of course this depends on neevo actually blocking them. if they do, in theory they won’t come back and if new ones come and not get paid pretty soon no one will attempt to do so.

        a simple way that would fix this problem: have one unpaid recording test be manually reviewed by neevo and if approved you get an unlock code for the actual task. it would save so much time and so much blocking

          1. Yeah, but a qual test for a speech recording job isn’t exactly…easy. Like, how is a machine supposed to KNOW that you’re a non-native when it hears you speak a sentence? That’s like, a human intelligence task, isn’t it? The exact thing that Neevo gathers data to train on? AI isn’t quite at the stage yet where an automated program can automatically detect “native/non-native” when it hears a sentence being spoken by someone. That requires extensively training acoustic models and millions of data points of human input. So you can’t really make a “qualification test” where you can fail non-natives through some algorithm that doesn’t really exist (or exists in an extremely rudimentary form).

          2. you didn’t read my message. i suggested a MANUAL verification of just 1 audio recording. before you say “but they would lose time validating the test audio”, they would actually save time because it would cut all the time they waste checking the final audios and banning users

        1. Yeah…but there’s a discord server putting up the job link. There’s no access code to the job (seems like they stopped using those because they changed their job url formats), but even if there were, that access code would get up on that discord server too making no difference.

          1. easily countered by making sure access codes are individual to each user and making them work only on one account. if used on a second account, immediately ban the user and suspend the primary account until they can prove that they didn’t leak the code (they won’t, so they would get banned as well)

            we share job links on the beermoney discord, but only for the jobs that are “public”, without access codes.

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