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Transfer Visa Gift Card balance into Paypal wallet?

Anyway to do this? I saw some workarounds but others said they were out of date.

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  1. I haven’t tried in a while, but these are the ways I know about:


    Doesn’t transfer the balance, but you can still use the funds:

    1. Attach the card to your PayPal.

    2. Set the card as your primary card.

    3. Pay for whatever you need to.


    Transfers the balance, but there’s a fee:

    1. Send yourself an invoice.

    2. Sign out of PayPal.

    3. Pay for the invoice with the prepaid card.

    or go to /r/Cash4Cash and trade.


    No fee, as far as I’m aware, but it takes much longer:

    1. Sign up for a BlueBird account.

    2. Link your bank and the prepaid card, and verify them.

    3. Wait a week or two for the temporary charges to fall off.

    4. Transfer funds to your BlueBird account.

    5. Transfer funds to your bank.

    6. Transfer funds to PayPal.

  2. 1) sign up for an account on monzo or revolut

    2) create a request payment link, then go to that link in your browser and enter the card details of your visa gift card and the amount to pay. This will pay from your visa gift card into your monzo/Revolut acc

    3) deposit the money from revolut/monzo into your PayPal acc via bank transfer. Which will move the money onto paypal

    These may be specific to the UK. I’m sure there are alternatives in the US though. Or if you want I could use my monzo acc to put it on PayPal and send it to you if you’re happy to give me 10%?

  3. Can’t you just connect the card to a different paypal (a family members’ paypal maybe?) and then pay your paypal however much is on the card?

    1. you can sometimes but there’s a $1 fee per $24 for a $25 transfer (more when using goods and services which you should never use)

  4. What I do is send it to one of my secondary paypals, then send it back and transfer to bank. I haven’t done it in awhile though.

  5. I do this all the time with my dad when we have prepaid cards.

    So what you want to do is have two PayPal accounts. Now, on one PayPal account, you’d add the gift card to the cards in that account.

    Then what you’d do next is send however much is on the gift card to the second PayPal account. The thing about this is PayPal charges a percentage fee for cards, so you’d have to calculate how much the fee is and subtract it from the total gift card balance. After you get the subtracted total, then send the money to the other PayPal account. Now you should be all set.

  6. Request a payment from a secondary email that doesn’t have a paypal account associated with it, then from that email (different browser) use the guest checkout or guest payment option, then use the card details there. If it doesn’t work, try like 10 cents less than the amount of the card or sometimes a dollar less. Worked for me a few months ago, read about it on swagbucks forums.

  7. I realize that I already posted an actual way to do this in this thread, but I just remembered the other way to accomplish the same end result.

    If you have any normal monthly bill that can be paid with a credit card and that accepts partial payments, you could always just pay that bill with the prepaid card. I just did that for my internet bill. I had a $30 prepaid card from a rebate, so I paid $30 of my internet bill with the prepaid card, and then in my budgeting software, I moved $30 from my internet category to my “fun money” category. Since money is fungible, the end result is the same: that amount more money ends up in your bank account. Since Venmo won’t allow you to use every prepaid card, this is a way that always works.

  8. The easiest thing I found was to transfer the visa gift cards into my Amazon Gift Card Balance.

    It kinda sucks because your money is trapped at amazon, but it let me put my 5 and 10 dollar cards together with no hassle.

  9. So there’s a way to do this, but it does require two Venmo accounts, which requires two cell phone numbers. So, you’ll either need two active cell phone plans or someone who you can trust to not steal your money. I have a data-enabled tablet with an active plan, and its plan can receive SMS messages, so it’s what I use and it works fine.

    1. Add your bank information to your Venmo account (so that you can transfer money out)
    2. Add the prepaid card to your Venmo account
    3. Send a payment to your second account or to your close trusted friend in the value of the card.
    4. As soon as your friend receives the payment, have them send it right back to you from their Venmo balance.
    5. Transfer the money to your bank account
    6. Transfer the money from your bank to Paypal, by whatever means you would typically do that.

    Note that every step except for step 5 should be instant. Step 5 may take a day or two to fully complete.

    1. Just a heads up that I had multiple visa gift cards and my venmo account only let me add 2 before it said “More cards of this type cannot be added to your account”. I even tried deleting the two gift cards before trying another but I think they realized people were doing this and limited it. This is only speaking from my experience though.

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