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What retailers do they offer when redeeming? There aren’t any in my area so I may be forced to do PayPal with their insane 50% fee. I’m curious if I should hold off until I’m in an area where I can use it. I’m at $16.98. Giving them $8.49 makes me sick lol

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  1. Yep…I was at about $11 in my wallet, no retailers around me either (Pacific NW), so I caved in and cashed out on Paypal. Lost about $5 in rewards…but received $5 too…so the glass is half full?!

  2. You can scroll around on the map and find their retailers–you’ll recognize them because they’ll be outlined by a blue circle. [One example here.](

    I don’t live anywhere close to where they have retailers either. I look at trunow like this: they give 0.5% cashback from my gas receipts to my PayPal, and if I’m lucky enough to find one of their retailers then they’ll double it. It’s not fair to myself to look at it as a 50% fee for cashing out to PayPal, since if it wasn’t for the PayPal option then I’d get absolutely nothing out of this app.

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