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UserTesting – a tip and a question

First the tip- For WEEKS now the **same** qualifier keeps cycling through my dashboard. It’s for parents of kids in grades 1-6. This tells me they have a need for testers who are ***parents***.

Now the question- Does anyone know if you can have more than one tester per household? My spouse is off work temporarily but I don’t want to screw up what I have by having too many testers at the same ip or something (can you tell I’m not tech savvy? lol)

6 thoughts on “UserTesting – a tip and a question

  1. I understand this is kinda interrupting your topic but I had a question if someone knew. I understand a sound is played when you get a new test, but is there a way in windows 10 how they have those popups in the lower right hand corner every now and then to actually tell you a new test came up in case you don’t have your sound up?. sorry for the interruption.

    EDIT: Just looked at there FAQS and they are not configured for push notifications.

  2. I did not find the answer in the FAQs either. I would definitely contact them, but it seems likely that it would be allowed – they are voice recordings, after all, and the profiles would be different. The Paypal and email addresses would also be different.

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