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VeryDice | Comprehensive Guide [2019]

# VeryDice | Comprehensive Guide [(iOS)]( [(Andriod)](
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Hey all! Hope you’re doing well. I love VeryDice and thought that it needed a proper guide. So what exactly is VeryDice? It’s pretty simple: earn rolls, roll for tickets, redeem tickets for gift cards and physical items. But there’s a little strategy to get the most out of your rolls! But first… let’s talk about all the ways to earn rolls.

##How to Earn Rolls!

There are several ways to earn rolls on VeryDice. I’ll just touch on the main ones!


– Daily Spin

You can watch an ad once a day and then spin a wheel that gives you anywhere from 1-10 rolls.

– PollFish, TapSurveys, TheoremReach Surveys

Earn rolls by taking surveys through these survey providers.

– Other Offers

Earn rolls by doing offers such as downloading apps and signing up for free trials.

– Watching Ads

You can watch ads to earn 1 roll per ad. Right now it looks like it’s limited to 4 an hour but it has been more in the past. If you watch all 4 every hour, this can be almost 50 rolls a day.

– Inviting Friends

Earn 30 rolls for each person who uses your friend code as well as 5% of the tickets that they earn.


So… I mostly stick to the daily rolls and watching ads every hour but if surveys and offers are your thing, give them a shot! The daily roll is a nice thing to add to your routine and can pay up to 10 rolls for one ad. So… what is a roll actually worth?

##What is a Roll Worth?

So I have done a post about this previously. I ran a little experiment and the average value of each roll is a little over $0.01 when redeeming for a gift card at 1000 tickets = $1. You can take a look at the post in more detail [here](
Essentially, the main takeaway should be that 1 roll converts to about one cent.

##How Do I Use My Rolls Efficiently?

So the main point here is that you should **ALWAYS** be rolling for a daily doubles. Daily doubles is a bonus that you get when you roll each possible set of doubles on the dice. This is a 300 ticket bonus ($0.30), so it is important to make sure you take advantage of it. It takes a little over 100 rolls on average to be sure that you will get this bonus. Save up that many rolls before you start rolling and then stop right after you get the bonus. Save back up to 100 rolls, rinse, and repeat.


Also, there are options for auto roll and roll multipliers. Should you use those? So here’s what I think… unless you have A TON of rolls and need to roll quickly, never use the roll multiplier. You have more risk because you have less rolls to even out your averages and you play less basketball games. You always want to play the basketball game when you have the option because you can get more tickets on it than by picking the option of not playing it. Don’t use the auto roll because it doesn’t let you play the basketball game when you roll doubles. But… if you don’t want to keep pressing roll and don’t care about missing out on some tickets, the option is there.

##What Can I Spend My Tickets On?

VeryDice has two main prize categories: gift cards and physical items.

* E-Gift Cards: These start at 7500 tickets but you want to save up for the higher denominations where 1000 tickets = $1. They are constantly updating these with new cards. They currently have iTunes, Lowes, Nike, Bath and Body Works, Burger King, Spotify, Xbox, Playstation, Foot Locker, Panera, Olive Garden, Applebees,, various airlines, and many more.
* Physical Items: Basically you can redeem for any item on Amazon. Just search for any item you’re looking for in the shop. These items are roughly 1000 tickets = $1. They get shipped for free to your address!


VeryDice has raffles for items such as gift cards, TV’s, iPhones, tablets, and other fun stuff. I would never pay tickets to enter these, but you can enter them for free by watching an ad if you want to test your luck! 🙂

VeryDice is a fun little addition to anyone’s beermoney routine. The daily spin on its own is worth it in my opinion, but there are also other ways to earn that can supplement your earnings while you’re on your phone. I hope you check it out! They are always adding little features and gift cards to the app! Have a great rest of your day and thanks for reading 🙂 Give my profile a follow for more posts about beermoney stuff. If you want to see what paid me last year, check [this]( out.

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Friend Code: 1319422 (30 free rolls)

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  1. The people who made Verydice, have a minigame style app called Boredwalk as well. The biggest difference between the two is that the exchange is 10000:1 and that instead of rolling dice, you of course play minigames

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