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Voxpopme is a good app

Download voxpopme. It’s an app where you upload short video responses for payment. You earn an average of 50 cents per response with the ability to earn more. Videos are no longer than 60 seconds. Cash out at 15 bucks.

15 thoughts on “Voxpopme is a good app

      1. Thanks for that. I just have a few more questions. Do the videos have to be of you talking into the camera? Does the app have a video platform itself? How long do they have to be? Who checks them? Can I just give short 1 sentence responses? How often do you get questions? How long did it take for your first cash out? Any geographical restrictions?

  1. I use this app. I haven’t reached payment yet because i haven’t had it long, maybe 3 weeks. Questions have included “Do you get enough sleep” and “what three items would you bring to a deserted island,” with explanations of why in each case. Questions are easy, videos are short. I make my videos 40-60 seconds usually. I’m cautiously optimistic that this app is a keeper.

  2. Yes, you have to talk into the camera. You sign into voxpopme and to make the video responses. Their team views the videos. Videos need to be at least 30 seconds. As long as you do the survey and JFF questions you should get AT LEAST one per day Let me know if I missed anything.

    1. This is a beer money forum lol. The responses are max 60 secs and you have the ability to earn more per response depending on how much you use it. It’s a easy way to make 15 bucks in literally minutes (over time of course).

      1. >This is a beer money forum lol.

        I never would have guessed that from the name of this subreddit. There are lots of apps and sites where you can actually make decent money without the hassle of having to upload endless videos of yourself that will be used for who knows what. Enjoy your pennies.

        1. Lol just saying. I have real online money opportunities and jobs as well, that just wasn’t the subject of THIS specific forum.

          1. Lol wasn’t even thinking of posting that link when I created this post, it would have been in the original post and not a reply to a comment I was. He asked for proof and that was the best thing I had.

      1. BS. You’re not just recording the video and going. There’s also the time to upload it and apparently answer a survey. Besides that, recording video for market research typically pays infinitely more than this. I’ve never recorded a video of myself for less than $75 and I never will.

        Edit- Did some more research. Companies also use some of these videos for social media advertising. Fuck that shit. No one is using my image to advertise their product for 50 damn cents.

        And then there’s the creepy stuff they’re doing with “emotional AI”. Noooooooope. lol.

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