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“Waiting for studies.” in Prolific for about a month now…

Anyone else not getting any studies? My “About You” page is at 100% but the studies seem to stop coming. 🙁

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  1. I feel like I’m getting a lot. I get the occasional notice but have the best success with just checking in a couple times a day.

  2. I’m pretty dry (except a research which my place was reserved) on tasks for the last 3 days…I think its mainly a demographic issue rather then if you have kids or you like football

  3. I got a whole bunch of them last week so idk. Must be either demographics or time of day issues.

    edit: nothing so far today though, RIP

          1. I’m in Australia chasing my kid at the moment lol. Probably a lot to do with my location, too.

          2. Ahh. Well it is a overseas site so idk why they are giving you problems. I hope it fixes for you.

  4. I was about to say I haven’t been getting many surveys lately but one popped up for like sixty cents. It was quick and took me five minutes.

  5. OP, are you waiting for notifications or are you keeping the Prolific page open and checking in frequently?

    I keep it open on my laptop. Although their page says that you don’t need to reload it, I find it beneficial to do so. It can mean the difference between snagging a survey or letting someone else grab it.

    1. Seconding this! I get maybe one email a week from Prolific notifying me there’s a study, but I get 95% of my successes from Prolific by keeping the tab open all the time while I’m doing other things.

    2. Will do that from now on. Used to wait for an email notification and obviously now that is not a good idea. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I do beermoney for fun only Prolific, nothing since june-ish. Taking a break and hopefully its back when school rolls around.

  7. I’ve been getting them fairly often, do you have the notifier extension? It’s pretty good about letting you know of survey offers.

  8. I get at least 1 prolific study a day. Maybe you’re not looking at the right time? Or also could be a demographic thing

    1. Could also be that the open spots are filling up extremely fast. I’ll have a survey pop up every now and then that has 0 open spots left.

  9. I’ve gotten three surveys today, and have at least been doing one a day. It sounds like you may need to be checking in a bit more regularly.

    1. I used to get an email notification when there’s a new study but will check the site now regularly. Thank you!

      1. I’ve noticed the email notifications go out way later than the survey and they haven’t been consistent so it’s definitely your best bet to just check in!

  10. I made about £30 in two weeks, which I was impressed with and over the past two weeks have only made £4.84. Hopefully it picks up again soon, always seems to be a steady amount of surveys.

    1. Yeah same with me then it stopped coming after that 🙁 Hope you won’t experience my current problem.

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