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Wasted my afternoon trying to donate plasma

I don’t usually write on Reddit, but I’m frustrated and a 1 star Google Review isn’t helping much, so I’ll vent here. I was tricked into trying to “Donate” plasma at local clinic. I wasted 4 hours just to be told I wasn’t eligible. Wasted the prime time of my afternoon sitting in that cramped sterile waiting room. In my party, 1 of 4 were eligible. Learn from my mistake, and NEVER be tricked into something like that. $50 for 2 hours of your time? Remember, you don’t get something for nothing. Okay, rant over.

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  1. No one from my county or the neighboring two counties are allowed to sell plasma at either of the two clinics closest to my house.

      1. Hepatitis C is the problem. The sign in the window says due to an abnormally high amount of customers from x x and x counties having unusable donations we no longer accept members from these counties in Ohio. Then there are a couple counties in Kentucky and West Virginia listed as well

      1. As in based on your county. So yes basically your street address. But there are some cases of people that are going to actually have an address in my county but are technically in
        A different county because they live close to the county line.

  2. That sucks, do you know why? I’ve gotten 200 in the past couple weeks going 3×. The first time took forever but after that its taken about an hour each time. Was it your protein? I know they’ll sometimes tell people to come back in a couple weeks if it’s something like that.

    1. After 4 hours across the entire trip, they took a quick look at my arms and said “My veins are too small”. Didn’t stick a needle in me or anything.

      1. Same thing happened to me when I tried to donate plasma a few years ago. To be fair, I do have small veins and it sucks to even get a IV in. I guess the needle that they use to get the plasma out undamaged is bigger than a average needle. I asked them if there was anything I could do to get bigger veins and they told me that the more hydrated you are the bigger your veins will be and that exercising can sometimes help but both only help minimally. I was upset too because I really needed the money at the time and they spent 45 minutes taking all my medical history and info before they looked at my veins and said no. I went to a Biolife facility for reference.

  3. I don’t agree — I pull in an extra 360-440 a month depending on promotions they may have going. For reference, that’s donating 2x a week.

      1. I believe they can also pay by weight and I would take a gamble that if you had multiple different donation centres around that you could pick the best payout of them and they might even have competing offers.

        1. There’s two different companies that have a few locations each, however, they pay similarly and target different demographics of people imo.

    1. > that’s donating 2x a week

      Woah. I thought you could donate at most 4 times a month? Been a while since I looked into donating though. I really should. Some new monthly payments are going to be hurting for the next few months…

    2. I tried to donate and on my 3rd trip back I was flagged for a false positive and now I’m banned for life despite having hospital tests showing their test was wrong. It’s decent money if you can actually get in a position to do it regularly though.

        1. HIV of all things and I’m now on that national NDDL list, I can never donate plasma, blood or be an organ donor it’s really kind of messed up.

  4. I’d donate without hesitation except that I’m medically ineligible. 🙁 I have a friend with a bunch of tattoos who went to a center and got told after hours of waiting that the sheer number of tattoos kept her from donating also. They have a lot of exceptions. I understand why, just wish I could get that extra money.

      1. That does seem to be the general guideline. I guess individual places can set their own more specific rules, maybe? It’s also possible that the person who said “too many tattoos” was incorrect and turned my friend away unfairly. But she would not have been able to donate anyway under the “year old” tattoo rule because she gets a new tattoo on every birthday. She wasn’t so upset about being told no, she was more annoyed that she sat waiting for three+ hours first. Which I get.

  5. I was stationed in Europe during the mad cow scares in the late 80’s earl;y 90’s. I am permabanned from donating blood, not to mention plasma

  6. I donate twice a week at CSL in Houston. Depending on which day of the week/time of day/number of donors in line, I’m usually there no longer than 45 minutes. This also depends on how hydrated I am and if my iron level is on par. I have a pic of the money poster if someone tells me how to post it here. 🙂

  7. First time I was denied for once being in Germany. Few years later I tried again and was told my veins were too small. Yeah it sucks, but it’s not like they’re scamming anyone. They’re just following procedure. There’s no guarantee of qualifying.

  8. Drink a shit-ton of water in the 24 hours before you go. It will make your veins stand out more and also improves results on some test that they run on your blood. I havent done it in like 10 years, but when I did, ages ago, I got rejected the first time too and they told me to drink a lot of water and try again. Got accepted the second time. It always takes for fucking ever. That’s the big drawback. If you do it twice a week you can actually make like $400 a month doing it though if you aren’t disqualified for some reason.

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