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Watch out for Remotasks

I’ve seen people ask about this site, and have recommended it myself a few times, but their attitude lately has made me reconsider and I thought I’d share just some things to watch out for if you do decide to work for them.

First of all, the past three weeks they have been taking a very very long time to review tasks. A lot of people have made posts about it in the Remotasks Forum, and nothing has been done about it. Seeing nearly 200 attempted tasks just sit there with no change for over two weeks is incredibly frustrating, considering the time and effort I put into doing them.

Second of all, they’ve changed some things around so that now, incorrect attempted tasks get back into the queue to be corrected by other workers. Until now it used to be the reviewers who did that, but now they just leave a note saying what to look out for when going over it (if you’re lucky).

Personally I really hate the above update because there’s a particular worker who makes tons of mistakes on every single task and they’re really hard to correct when it’s a task with over 30 annotations. The only way to correct such tasks would be to redo every single annotation, which kind of defies the entire point. Shouldn’t that be the job of the reviewers? Not to mention that you get blocked real fast if you spend more than 2 minutes on a few tasks, and your accuracy also has to stay high because if it doesn’t….. you get blocked. Which is very interesting because tasks you complete expire if they’re not reviewed within some time, and that also influences your accuracy.

Not to mention the absolutely abysmal pay and the fact that they never tell you if you passed an exam or not. I originally started doing it because the tasks were very easy and they helped pass some time but this last update and barely getting 4$ for over 600 tasks have made me completely give up on them. So if you are considering working for them, maybe think twice. It’s not worth the time or the effort.

8 thoughts on “Watch out for Remotasks

  1. O submitted 20 tasks they reviewed 5 And i had only 70% correct. But after this they didnt reviewed anthing. Do you thing they just rejected me because of low correct answers or they will review it pater?

      1. There’s Spare5 which is very very similar but you have to take qualifiers which can be a bit more difficult and I haven’t had any tasks even though I signed up weeks ago and took all qualifiers I could.
        There’s Microworkers which also has short tasks but a lot of them seem fishy. There’s Clickworker also but I haven’t had any luck with it.
        Figure-eight is my favourite but their pay is also very low.

  2. If you leave your windows open long enough after you finish an exam it eventually tells you if you passed or not, (up to 5 to 10 or even more minutes). Other than that, I agree with everything you said.

    1. Yeah when I failed two exams it told me within a minute and I also got emails about it, but nothing with the other exams I’ve taken since then. It’s just a bit annoying.

  3. yeah that seems pretty crappy to have that many tasks stuck in limbo, remo i assume doesn’t have a max amount of days for an approval of an assignment like mturk hits i’m guessing, which for mturk is max 30 days from submission otherwise amazon autopays the hit.

    i was going to attempt remotasks awhile back, but if there’s sort of a “we’ll get to it whenever” approach and that kind of shadiness..well, i’ll not even going to bother.

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