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What does getting banned on Quickthougts look like?

Hi all,

I’ve seen a lot of people both praising QuickThoughts for paying well and complaining that you can get banned easily, that you should use it while you can.

What does getting banned look like / does anyone know why? Earlier I got a cash out error and it said try again later.

Thank you

18 thoughts on “What does getting banned on Quickthougts look like?

  1. What information is needed to sign up with them? Are people able to have multiple accounts? I only ask because my sister and her husband share a cell phone and used FieldAgent with two different accounts but FA detected they were both on the same device and banned them for violating the TOS. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth it for them to sign up.

  2. I got the same message you said you are getting when you tried to cash out. I emailed them and got a response a couple of days later saying they are reviewing the account. Two days after that they let me back in.

  3. Usually you just can’t log into your account at all when you’re banned.

    I made it about 2 years with them and then got banned 🙁

  4. Network error, can’t log in etc. I’ve been on it for a year and just got banned and was barely using it the last two months. The last survey I did I accidentally put work part time instead of full time, crazy If that through me in the ban wagon.

      1. What did you tell them? I was banned out of the blue and tried emailing them and they just said that I broke their rules, refusing to give any specifics. At least I would like to know how I messed up.

  5. Is quick thoughts worth it I’m only a teen but is there some kind of Benifit I have low patience so can I only get like $3????

    1. None of those sites will give you 10s or 100s of $$ without putting the time in. You won’t make a living out of it.

      But if you work full time and can’t make more money than your salary, it’s money that you wouldn’t have otherwise, maybe juste enough to be for a couple beer a months, aka beer money.

    2. I mean quick thoughts pays out a ton compared to a lot of places, i’m a teen as well and it pays well for me

        1. I’ve made in total about 260$ off them in the last few months, but I’ve been lazy for a while and neglected it. You could easily made 6-10$ a day from them though if you put in time

          1. Yeah, lately I’ve been able to make $20 bucks a day with them but sometimes you gotta slow a bit otherwise you’ll get burnout.

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