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What % of your monthly beermoney/income do you earn with your smartphone?

On average… Give us a rough ballpark vs your PC.

Also please specify the mobile OS. Thanks.

If there’s enough feedback, I might try to come up with a short survey.

20 thoughts on “What % of your monthly beermoney/income do you earn with your smartphone?

    1. About how much time do you estimate you put in for $20 a month? I’m new to browsing r/beermoney, and I’m trying to figure out whether or not it’s worth it. My summer job between semesters is cutting my hours, so I need to find more ways to make money.

      1. I do some short Prolific surveys and any Google Opinion Rewards surveys that come in (random, but usually 2 to 3 minutes each) and then scanning my gas receipts whenever I fill up. So all in all, it is probably about 25 or 30 minutes a month.

        1. Oh, ok, that sounds really reasonable. Maybe $20 a month, if I can successfully get there with that amount of effort, is enough to start a healthy investing habit. Did it take you time to get to that level, and do you think it was a combination of your own skills + recognition of performance from survey companies? I don’t know if I can make that straight out of the gate.

          edit: Oh, I forgot that you mentioned most of the $20 is from scanning gas and misc receipts, not from surveys. I don’t drive, and most of my food costs are prepaid in the form of a college meal plan, so I don’t do much shopping.

          1. What are you going to college for? Depending on the degree/certification, you could do some freelancing to make decent money, build up a portfolio, and gain useful knowledge in your field. Any art, computer, or similar majors are good for this.

          2. I’m going to college for political science, with a plan to work in city planning or some related area. It’s not the most marketable thing for freelance work.

            I’m considering becoming an SAT tutor if possible.

  1. I make between $900 and $1000 monthly and I use my iPhone 100% of the time!;) I’m also a homemaker and don’t work outside of my home so I have the time to do so.;)

      1. I have multiple streams of income that include apps, surveys, market research, gigs, and mystery shopping.;)

          1. Mystery shopping has various opportunities such as eating at a restaurant and they pay you for the review of the service and food you receive, or a free hotel night for your review of your stay….so many options and TONS of companies to choose from!

  2. Smartphone is about 10% for me. I just find it too difficult to earn on my phone – especially when it comes to surveys.

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