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What to do with $25 on google play store?

I bought an app a while ago (how to unfuck your habitat, $0.99) but now ive accumulated $25 from the google survey app but the points expire soon… what can/should i buy? If i buy it on my phone, can i use it on my laptop of my google account is used on both?

25 thoughts on “What to do with $25 on google play store?

  1. If you use GPT sites like Swagbucks, InstaGC, etc. check the offerwalls for app download offers. Once in awhile you can find an offer that pays you “x” amount for spending “x” amount in the app. I usually break even or make a $1 or $2 profit this way.

  2. I’ve used all of my survey rewards for music, personally.
    Also, I’m pretty sure the points only expire a year from the last time you take a survey? So, refreshing everytime you take a new one, unless I’m mistaken?

  3. to answer your question, yes it’ll work wherever your google play account is synced. Lots of people use the excess for movie/tv show rentals or books

  4. Personally, unless I’m playing a game that has a seasonal promotion where in game purchase would be worthwhile, I’d use it on a movie or book (or comic book).

  5. >If i buy it on my phone, can i use it on my laptop of my google account is used on both?

    Yes, any kind of content i.e. movie, music, ebook, audiobook should be accessible from *most* devices logged into your Google account. I say most because I know exceptions exist, I use Windows/Android/ChromeOS and I can get to everything. I know nothing about recent Apple/iOS/MacOS compatibility, but my assumption would be anything that can open Chrome browser has options.

    If you want the $$$ to go further, wait for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday and they’ll have a sale, generally the best of the year.

    1. Id wait for thr sales but it has started to expire! The fine print reads that the money will expire after a year, total bs.

      1. It resets to a year from the last survey you took. If you trigger another survey by going to a store like Staples or Walgreens, you can reset that expiration date.

          1. Nope! I have like $110 in survey rewards accumulated over a few years, and nothing has expired yet. So unless the last survey you took was some time last November, your credits shouldn’t be expiring soon.

  6. I’d just buy a few movies or albums that you enjoy. Which reminds me I think I have some expiring soon.

    Oh yeah, you can rent cloud space from Google with it.

    Oh and apps that you can get gift cards and such from but you can buy some coins, spins, rolls or whatever with Google play credit. You can just put it all in to that and Max out your points for hopefully a bigger cash out.

  7. If you’re into online CCGs (e.g. Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Elder Scrolls Legends) you can buy cards using the play store credit and use them on any device you play.

    If you watch anyone on Twitch or have a friend you want to support, you can buy subscription using play store credit (but it’s more expensive than going through Twitch).

  8. I was buying apps but I got about everything I wanted at this point. Right now I saving credit to rent movies or buy a book. I even considered maybe buying one microtransaction in a game I like.

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