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What’s everyone spending their beermoney on these days besides beer?

Lets here some stories. I’ve been in the game for awhile. I’ve bought a queen bed, a guitar amp, so many video games, etc.
I was wondering what everyone else was up too.

41 thoughts on “What’s everyone spending their beermoney on these days besides beer?

  1. I usually come up with a goal. We went camping this summer for the first time so we got all of our camping gear with our amazon gift cards. Now I am using it for xmas gifts!

  2. Food mainly right now. We have 4 kids and make just enough for rent. They are all 6 and under. So diapers pull-ups wipes food those are big for us. Really we were not doing that great but the extra from this helps so much. We have to I hate the word but beg from time to time for help but it’s getting a bit Better.

  3. everything. I got laid off recently & unemployment is being a jerk about paying so this is the only source of new money (thank God for savings accounts) I have. Well, besides my dad slipping me $5 for gas money when my mom’s not looking when I visit.

  4. i don’t think people actually buy beer with this you know, and if they do it would be in the minority. most buy gadgets, video games or anything that they probably would have not bought if not for this income. i also hoard amazon to purchase gifts for the holidays as i’m sure many do too

    1. After you realize slave labor for ice beer means you’ve got a drinking problem but can’t give up every vice at once just because you’re unemployed.

  5. I’ve been using ours in the last few months on items to prepare for our baby that’s due in a few weeks. Got a car seat, diaper bag, nursing products for my wife, her vitamins/prenatals, baby gate, diapers, baby clothes. Also got my oldest daughter new pair of dance shoes. All with Amazon GCs and Walmart GCs from beermoney sites.

  6. Bills – but just landed a part time job and beer money is paying its way towards an apple watch (black friday prices, of course)

  7. Well since my fiancee is making much more with his new job, I no longer have to use it for groceries. So I’m saving it for an Xbox one and then red dead redemption 2.

  8. Right now I am using it to pay extra on a credit card. I plan on in the future using my earnings to buy digital games, books, etc.

  9. Just things I need. I mostly get Amazon giftcards. Dog food and food for me are common orders. It’s really nice when I need something to have a way to get it. I recently ordered new pillows as my current ones are old and hard as a rock. I can’t wait for them to come. I’ll get new pillow cases with my beer money later. I’ve also ordered a dish brush, shampoo, razors etc. Nothing too crazy.

    When I get paid through paypal it goes straight towards paying off my credit card. Every last cent of it.

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