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What’s the most cash you’ve made in one month just on Swagbucks?

I’ve been using it for 21 days, and am up to what equals $50 USD PayPal, and racking up the daily bonuses (I’ve hit both daily goals on all but a couple of days) and still going at it.

I joined to keep my bank account from purely draining while I try to get my next job (been in a seasonal cycle) and may continue supplementing a job income with it, if it’s worth the time…

On some days I get really lucky and qualify for a bunch of high paying surveys, and run watch and ncrave while watching tv as well.

I also do InboxDollars, but it takes a lot longer to earn much.

30 thoughts on “What’s the most cash you’ve made in one month just on Swagbucks?

  1. How are all of yall making so much money? I felt like I was making nothing especially considering the amount of time it took

      1. It feels like I spend 20-30 mins on a survey for like 50 cents. Or watch 10 videos for a penny but I assume your supposed to put those on when your sleeping or out.

          1. I tried Mturk but they kept saying they couldent verify my identity when I gave all true info

  2. I made $290 the first month I signed up by signing up for Uber and Lyft but now I make like $1 a month.

  3. Almost every single survey I have attempted on swag bucks I end up with getting only one Swagbucks after completing a number of questions. The message always says something like “not everyone can be a winner, but here’s 1 Swagbuck for trying the survey”. It’s not even like answering one or two qualifying questions. Has anyone else experienced that?

  4. Probably like $200-300. I don’t waste my time on the surveys that take 30 minutes to complete and pay out pennies. I don’t think anyone should be slaving away at that bullshit. I just do the big promotional deals like the recent gilette deal when they come around and I often do it on 2 accounts. This last week or so I made like $200+ from the promotional deals.

  5. Y’all should mturks. It’s a grind but if you focus specifically on surveys $10 in less than hour is easy

    1. I agree. Try instagc’s videoloyalty,engageme,offertoro watchlists. Instagc gives instant paypal for rewards under $25, but you have to earn at least $50 with them first. As far swagbucks, when i began using it i earned $50,$75ish/mth my first year then things slowed down alot.

      1. Swagbucks used to be a much better site. It blew up and they don’t have an incentive to offer as good payouts anymore

      2. I have a question, I use instagc but one thing I noticed is that. Sometimes videoloyalty doesn’t give out any points but it’s always passive do you know why is that.

        1. Videoloyalty is not really host by InstaGC, but host by Earnhoney… (Another GPT). In the past years, earning from earnhoney have decreased, and right now they are dying… One recent post from their support have informed us that ads are low right now, in addition the third verification ban you really easily … So low ads and probabily soft ban can explain why Videoloyalty are just crap.

  6. I’ve gotten $25 (almost $30) in GCs in the past month or so since I started back again.

    Looks like I only made $15 when I used it before.

    $50 is a lot!

  7. When I was pounding the surveys hard and Ncraves autoran 24/7 — pulled down $200. That was last fall when advertisers opened up their purse strings. From what I have read between then and now, summer is not the time to try to make bank there.

    I quit doing the surveys as felt like I was pounding my head against the wall and getting upset. (Dumb huh?)

    Now I pull down about $50/month and let the passive and semi passive come in from Perk and other apps. But you have to invest in devices to make that work.

    Join the facebook Swaggernauts and people post stuff that works for them a lot. Run the 7 mobile apps and if you want to be a clicker get Ncrave mobile app.

  8. The most I’ve made in a month with Swagbucks was $200.

    I average around $100-$150 per month with them, mostly from their mobile apps, Ncraves, and surveys.

  9. I usually hit $75….2200 SB discount on visa cards and then two 2500 SB PayPal. I’m sure I could get more done, but I usually just aim for the daily goal (20- 60 min per day) so I don’t end up spending hours on the site every day.

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