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What’s your experience with Crowdtap?

Got enough points to cashout but I’m waiting to be verified, which has been about a week and some days now. I emailed them asking if there was something I could do to make the verification faster or if I’m not being verified for some reason and that was a couple days ago when I emailed them.

I’m patient and have no problem waiting longer, I just want to make sure they pay out?

19 thoughts on “What’s your experience with Crowdtap?

  1. Got my account disabled after being a member since 2013. Not sure why, think I may of missed one of those attention check questions. Support won’t respond to my inquiries.

    It’s legit and they pay. Just take your time so you don’t miss any of the attention check questions.

    1. Yeah I did take my time and I didn’t click any attention check questions or anything like that. I’m just waiting to be verified which seems to be taking a long while. I hope support responds and lets me know if I’m going to be verified or if something is wrong with the account. I might have to add phone number, idk lol

      1. I was verified after two days. Maybe check your account to make sure your info is right. You need 1000 points to verify. At least thats what I needed to do

  2. They’re awesome. When they redid the site they added the verification thing and it wouldn’t verify me. I contacted them and they verified my account for me. Still probably my favorite beermoney program I’ve used.

    1. Good to hear, hopefully they contact me back then! How long did the support ticket take for them to contact you back? Thank you!

  3. It’s ok. It’s a slow earner for me but super easy and it does pay. When they redid the site it took quite a while to finally get verified. I just had to keep getting on them about it. Wait a few more days and email again if they haven’t responded.

  4. I can also vouch for them being legit and paying out (and I’ve qualified for some of their campaigns as well, although I seemed to do better earlier on than now). When they switched over to the new system I also had issues with verification, but I was able to contact them and get it sorted out. Maybe you’re stuck in holiday customer support backlogs?

    1. Funny I just got verified, now I need to be validated which takes 1-2 days. So I will be able to cash out then, so don’t worry! Seems it just takes a bit of time.

  5. last year i cashed out for about $100 worth of amazon cards, but most of that was earlier in the year. but yes they pay. i mostly just used them for amazon cards and the rare walmart card.

  6. I had to resubmit my verification because of some issue but it was fast after that.

    Pro tip to other users- refresh the site whenever you have a spare moment. I’ve made $15 in just the last week or two that way and it’s so quick and easy.

  7. They’re legit, I’ve cashed out 3-4 times and done about the same in sampling. I had problems getting verified but they emailed me back a few days later and sorted things out. It does take a while for whatever reason and I had to get re-verifed like 2 weeks ago even after being a member and being verified before.

  8. Make about $20 a month in giftcards. If you get on any of the samples they are full sized products. Fairly consistant earner, 100 points a day (maybe). Not bad after you get verified

  9. Got verified in a couple of days and got a $5 Walmart card. It took me just a few days to earn. I already have more surveys to do. Hopefully this will keep up.

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