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When does Volkno add new videos

Does anybody know how often volkno adds new videos to their website? I am close to cashing out a $20 amazon gift card and was curious. Thanks

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  1. Id like to know, for the people who cashed out, how long did it take for you to get the mail they send to you in order to cash out?

    1. Depends. They have issues with payments pretty much every month, so sometimes it can take a week or two, but you’ll see an error message while cashing out.


      If you don’t see the error message, the payment comes usually within a few minutes.



      {EDIT} Weird, I got a notification you replied and clarified what you meant, but I’m not seeing it here. You meant the verification mail they send out, not the actual payment. I misunderstood.


      I’ve actually been using them since they were in beta, more than a year ago, so I don’t recall how long it took for the verification card. I believe it was only only a few days though.

  2. I would never wait that long. Cash out ASAP from pretty much any site, unless you get some kind of bonus for waiting.



    They don’t seem to have a regular schedule for new videos, but it seems there are least a few every couple of weeks.

    1. what is the downside to waiting to cash out? I am right at $20 and thought – hey I could even make it to 50! so I was going to wait as well

      1. Sites go away, you could get banned, they could have payment issues and not pay people for months… the longer you wait, the more chance you have that you won’t get your cash.

        There are some sites that will wave fees(if they have them) or give you some kind of bonus to wait on your cashout, if those are worth it for you, then yeah you should wait, but for sites that do not offer anything, you should cash out ASAP.

  3. I cash out every $5, no reason to wait. Id rather be stuck a few points shy of a $5 reward than a $20 reward. Im all out of videos too right now.

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