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Who Paid You For/In October? Here Is My List.

*Some people have objected to this monthly post for various reasons. So Im starting with this disclaimer. I do this full time. Its technically not* **beermoney** *for me. So this is NOT typical of most people. But it does show each month what programs are paying and whats working. And it also shows that those that are unemployed, disabled or have other special circumstances, who may come across this subreddit, that extra money can be made with some time and effort.*

Was October up or down for me? Well thats an interesting question. In overall numbers I was about the same as Sept. But with no ebay sales, it means actually earnings from programs was up a tick. But both InstaGC and Prize Rebel crashed this month. The cause of this was two fold. One was that surveys just sucked ass for me all month. For the life of me I cant make what I used to with yoursurveys. And the other factors was that I was a bit distracted with penny stocks on Robinhood. Im up over $700 for the month. I didnt include that in my earnings report but im having some fun with it and spending time doing analysis and due dilligence.
You might also notice that several regulars are not on this months list. Lets quickly explain why. Grabpoints – I didnt have hypermx/jungroup/laptop guy anywhere all month. Grab, most of my earnings came from there. So they fell off. Earnably – I like this program. I think Ryan is a great guy. But nothing makes this program stand out. They dont have the highest rates for anything so it sits on the back burner now for the time being. Koinme – Im still earning with Koinme but they havent paid me for last month yet. Not gonna cash out and confuse em. I have a feeling this program may disappear soon at this point. Yoolotto – I only made like $8 all month. I didnt keep up with my farm well… and major attrition has caused my farm to shrink. Im putting more effort into my farm this month but not gonna put money into it. Will see with happens over the next couple months.
Website Update:
January is now the goal for this project. Will have more updates next monty

Program|Oct|Sep|Aug|Jul|Apr-Jun|Jan-Mar||2018 Total|
Prolific Academic|$84.83|$26.15|$60.79|$39.80|$185.53|$99.63||$496.73|
NorthFork Research|$30|$10|—|$10|—|—||$50|
Radial Insight|$14.70|—|$3|$50|$1|$35||$106.70|
ESPN Fan Advisors|$10|—|—|—|—|20||$30|
Mobile Performance Meter|$10|$5|$10|$10|$15|$15||$65|
Fetch Rewards|$5|$3|$3|—|$3|$6||$23|
Bank Account Opening Bonus|—|—|$300|$200|—|—||$500|
Focus Groups|—|$125|$60|—|—|—||$185|
Ebay Net Sales|—|$113|—|—|—|—||$113|
Insiders Network|—|$65|—|—|—|—||$65|
Samsung Rewards|—|—|—|—|$50|—||$50|
Voice Record Work|—|—|$9.83|$9.55|$19.57|—||$38.95|
Stanford 2week Study|—|—|—|—|$30|—||$30|
Testable Minds|—|—|—|—|$29.50|—||$29.50|
Keep Rewarding|—|—|—|$10|—|—||$10|
Coupon Cabin|—|—|—|—|$7.06|—||$7.06|
Expense Rewards^4|—|—|—|—|$8|—||$8|
Mobile Expressions|—|—|$5|—|—|—||$5|
Accelerant Research|—|—|—|—|$2.50|—||$2.50|
Ref Earnings|$60|$47|$94|$82|$561|—||$844|
Full Total|$1763.09|$1778.14|$2185.98|$1667.21|$6201.94|$5776.70||$19373.06|
1. Does not count Ref earnings
2. Registration is closed for this app
3. Does not count Ref Earnings
4. Program announced its done for now.
5. Plus about 30 trash bags
Thats my list for September. Who paid you for/in last month?



**I’m in need of extra money. Should I persue doing some of this?**
Yes and no. There is obviously money to be made. But there are drawbacks. Mturk (there are alternatives but not usually as lucrative) may not accept you (wont accept if outside US), Earnings may be low on programs like EH and other stuff can be a grind. Mobile based earnings means needing devices and takes money and time. Passive earning is starting to show huge signs of decline. I dont want anyone to believe they can sit down tomorrow and be making $2000 next month.


**I live outside the USA. How can I earn?**
Unfortunately most of the stuff I do is either USA only or US/UK/CA/AU. So its hard for me to advise whats available to people outside of those areas. If you live outside those 4 countries I really dont have advice for you. And I dont have much advice for even outside the USA.


**How Much Time do you spend with this?**
Its Hard to quantify. I am in front of a computer ALOT but its not always focused on making money. I have games I play and have scripts that watch for HITs ON Mturk so if something pops thats good I switch over. Plus Im often doing multiple things at once. That said.. there are people who make more then me with less time. Im actually very inefficient.

**Will you give me advice or help me get started?**
Yes but only if you approach it with the mindset that its slow and a grind at times and not get rich quick or at all.

**How do you make so much on Mturk. Can you give me any hints?**
I have a Mturk 101 typed up I can send with some tips and tricks.

**Why dont you get a real job?**
Health issues.. and I can nap at 1PM.. and I dont have a boss looking over my shoulder… and I can work naked (I dont.. or do I….)

**Whats your Device setup?**
This is also in a state of flux. Ill be adjusting and ready to chat about that in a few weeks

**OMG! Your electric bill must be a bajillion dollars. Is it even worth it?**
My entire power bill was just a bit more then what I earned from Earnhoney this month. And that was with a central AC running almost 24-7. People way overestimate the power this stuff takes. A typical cell phone costs a couple dollars a YEAR to charge. My main laptop uses about 21 kWh a month being on 24-7. That costs me less then $2 in a month.

**How much data/bandwidth do you use?**
About 3 TERRAbytes in Aug.

**You must have a ton of referrals to make that much!**
All the totals above represent only personal earnings. I seperate out ref earnings.

**OMG! You must cheat somehow to make so much!**
I do nothing outside the TOS of any of the programs. I consider this income to be a blessing and wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. Plus cheating just kills programs and defrauds the companies that are allowing me to make this income.

**Do you have to pay taxes on all of this**
Yes on most of it. There are some exceptions but the majority of this income is taxable. Most of these companies dont issue 1099s but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay taxes. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions on how to handle taxes on “beermoney” income

179 thoughts on “Who Paid You For/In October? Here Is My List.

      1. I live in Austin, TX. Spent zero because I either walk or ride a bicycle while Job Spotting. Many signs are located near my residence or workplace. Therefore, I’m averaging around minimum wage and exercising. Later this month, I’m traveling back east to GA, TN and KY. Vacation means much lower check-ins. But it’s all good.

    1. I would love to read it as well please. Just got my invite a few days ago and feeling so overwhelmed with it all. No idea what I’m doing, hah.

  1. A quick question and sorry if it’s been asked before. What do you class as income earned in october?

    Say you did a survey on site x on september 25th but the payment didn’t come through until october. Would you class that as earning in october or september?

    1. I only list programs that I cashed out for and paid me for Oct. Most are monthly.. but some are more longterm. Like I have Yougov on there a couple months ago for $100. But that was over several months. It would take too much time and drive me crazy to try to list what every single program month by month.

      1. I do it the same way. I’m a member of a TON of sites, so it would be too much work to list that I made $1 on Ibotta and such and such points on Reciepthog etc etc.

  2. Perk 12

    receipt hog


    Panel 5

    gomezpeer 5.25

    swagbucks 5

    plasma total 350

    fetch 3

    receipt pal 27

    coinout 3.63

    Total 380.25

      1. I “donate” plasma (part of your blood) to a medical company twice a week. They put roughly 80 a week on a prepaid debt card for people who “donate”.

  3. My rough list of earnings

    * Gamermine: $31.51

    * ControlMySMS: $2.16

    * Swagbucks: £70/$91

    * Grab Cash: £0.09/$0.12

    * Perk: $1 (now discontinued due to their tax BS)

    * Keep Rewarding: £2.01/$2.62

    * Cashmagnet: $5.06
    Prolific: £30.04/$39.12
    DefinedCrowd: $0.32
    * Qmee: £1.26/$1.64
    * Cashmining: $3.16

    A few thoughts, I’ve been going rather hard on swagbucks this month (though part of it is also down to finetuning my earning, as I’m still relatively new to the site). Cashmagnet still has over $20 in payments due so it hasn’t been included, likewise Radioearn which takes over 30 days to process payments (due around $13 from them so far). I’ve also probably forgotten a site or two.

    1. If you’ve just started Swagbucks make sure you join us over on r/Swagbucks for some tips on what offers might credit for you

      1. It’s a GPT site with offertoro, adscend, etc, as well as videos from and smores. They payout in paypal, opskins and crypto (paypal they payout at 10,000 gold/$10), but once you meet that limit its instant with no fees, etc.

        Since I suck at describing stuff, I’ve uploaded some images of the site so you can see for yourself what its like.

        It may not be the biggest GPT out there, but I’ve legit made a bit of money from it without the use of referrals (I might have 5 or so tops). I’ve made around $320 there since May. The bonuses that come from the levelling system are especially interesting, as, at the highest level (diamond), you get 10% extra gold coins from every offer you do which can soon add up.

  4. Swagbucks: $25

    Tradelines: $200

    Bank bonuses: $800

    A pretty good month. I am now at $1850 YTD from selling tradelines, and $5500 YTD from bank bonuses.

    I should also break $6000 YTD from credit card bonuses sometime today.

    1. Great stuff. I’m currently starting on bank and credit card bonuses this month. Plan on jumping into tradelines over the next 2 years.

          1. Bank bonuses is just opening checking and savings accounts for bonuses.  Each account has different requirements to be met, usually some direct deposits, maybe some debit transactions, and a minimum amount of money that needs to stay in the account until you close the account.  Luckily, many banks will recognize a transfer from an outside bank as a direct deposit, so don’t worry if you can’t change direct deposit at work easily.

            As I said in another comment, the best resource for finding bank bonuses is  They list out every requirement, whether a bank will count an ACH transfer as a direct deposit, and whether you can initially fund the account with a credit card (free spend!).

            As for selling tradelines, that is when you add someone as an authorized user on your credit card.  The person is doing this to get a temporary boost to their credit score, probably to qualify for a mortgage or other loan.  Adding them onto your card gives them that boost, and they will never have any access to your account.  A downside is that if you sell a lot of spots, you could potentially get that card closed down.  Sometimes, it is worth the risk, because you can get $75-250 for each spot, and can sometimes add 3-4 people onto a single card at a time.

            With tradelines, you want to only work with reputable companies that do a really thorough background screen of the people buying the authorized user spots.  If you are interested in getting into it, PM me and I’ll tell you the company I use.

  5. Not too bad this month. I might end up trying to make more of a living doing this (as well as some other side jobs) but not right away. I’m giving my current job till the end of this year and I’ll make some decisions next year. My current health situation isn’t great, so that’s why. Does anyone have any side gigs they do well with? My car is too old for uber or lyft but I was thinking some kind of delivery that doesn’t have car requirements?

    **Goals: bag of cat food from verydice✔ $150 in Amazon giftcards ✔**


    Focus Group: $75

    Yougov- $15

    Vindale: $50 paypal (freaking finally!!)

    Swagbucks: $6

    PrizeRebel: $5

    Earnably- $2

    SurveySavvy: $2 check

    Job Spotter: $7.71

    Perk: $2

    Checkpoints: $2

    Craigslist study: $20 Pay pal

    Craigslist study: $10 Amazon

    Recieptpal: $3

    Quick thoughts: $30

    Pinecone Research: $5

    Crowdtap: $5

    Bing: $5

    Forthright: $2

    Freebies: beans, lotion,shampoo,conditioner

    **November goals: case of canned cat food from verydice, $150 Amazon giftcards, as many studies that pay in paypal as I can**

    I got rid of Checkpoints. More and more features of the app stopped working and emailing the company was a waste of time. I replaced it with LuckyDay as I wanted something rather mindless. It’s not seeming like it’s worth it so far, but I’ll give it some more time.

    1. Wanted to add for anyone who may be new and looking at this thinking “wow, $50 on Vindale!” that it took me like a year to make that. I don’t really recommend Vindale at all. It’s not worth it. I’m just incredibly stubborn and wanted to earn that $50 cash out before I quit.

    2. Speaking of cat food, I’m a member of the insiders, basically a panel that sends you stuff to review. One time it was cat food and treats and I had more than I knew what to do with lol. They must have posted a few 1kg bags plus tons of samplers.

      My cat ate damn well for a month or two though.

        1. Yeah they have a US version of the site. No ref code, they just invite people by email, etc. By they way they don’t just do cat food lol, but also everything from electronics to perfume, depends which company wants stuff promoted. Once you have signed up you can check out the current and previous campaigns to get an idea of what sort of stuff you might get.

          Just sign up here, no ref:

  6. Great! What’s your earningstation routine like?

    **October 2018**


    * Walmart: $1.14 (Savings Catcher)
    * Qualnow: $10 (amazon)
    * G2 Crowd: $10 (amazon)
    * Kinit: $5 (Amazon)
    * Respondent: $218.50 (paypal)
    * Validately: $110 (paypal)
    * Usertesting: $170 (paypal)
    * VoxPopMe: $18.50 (paypal)
    * ReadyContest: $5.06 (paypal)
    * WhatUsersDo: $5 (paypal)


    * Total Other: $1.14
    * Total Amazon: $25
    * Total Paypal: $527.06


    Total beermoney: $553.2

    1. Great job.

      Earning Station is mostly from their videos and Smores vids. I also run though the daily list each day.. and occasionally luck into a survey

      1. Thanks. I sometimes make $20 a day but $10 is usually what i make daily. This combined with the surveys on the go app and the survey monkey app, it adds up. Looking to build a new gaming pc by next january with “beer money”

  7. I have been averaging about $60/month on mturk just doing a few surveys a day (10-20) which is about an hour. Spread that out over the course of a normal day and its not so bad! I just put it all on my amazon gift card balance.

    Im not pulling down big bucks like op but just figured id throw this out there for anyone who just wants a little extra spending money every month:)

        1. Haha something to think about I suppose. I’m just really exhausted all the time from my main job, but I’m considering leaving it for something else so if that happens I’ll look into it.

    1. Would you please send me the MTurk guide? I started 10 days ago and have made $80 but would like to increase my earnings. Thank you!

  8. perk- 54




    yoolotto/yoo apps- 58


    phone paycheck-100


    bing rewards-10

    awesome miner-7


  9. I need tp get better with mturk
    Its just that I’m not earning enough for me. But i have to keep going. Is it true that it gets better after 1000 hits

  10. Wasnt as great for me as last month

    $25.00 from EarningStation

    $10.25 from Adwallet

    $10.00 from CrowdTap

    $5.37 from OneDayRewards

    $5.00 from MicrosoftRewards

    $5.00 from Gifthulk

    $5.00 from Grabpoints

    $3.00 from TheTechSlugs

    $2.50 from Points2Shop

    $1.45 from No-Minimum

    .25c from IQ

  11. MTurk- $212.63 first month Turking

    Prolific- $38.31

    Swagbucks- $25 gift card

    Respondent- $71.60

    Ibotta- $20

    Dosh- $25.17

    Opinion Outpost- $10

    QuickThoughts- $50 iTunes

    Total- $442.71

    Full disclosure: I work PT as a nurse and stay at home the rest of the time with 3 kids under 5. I hop in as I can during naptimes and about an hour after the kids go to sleep. My goal is $100 a week. So I can cover my housekeeper (twice monthly) and part of my car payment (375). Hoping to be able to cover it all as I get further in Turking!

  12. I could never post anything without feeling ashamed since the monthly post is this involved…

    I really question why you do this. Its fine to have visibility, but you had to write a massive wall of text and disclaimer justifying that you are unique and unlike the rest of us in order for any of it to work.

    So if you have to make concession after concession obviously there’s something wrong in doing this, and to me that’s simply that it seems like morally justified bragging.

    1. I don’t do as well as yox, but I am glad he is able to earn what he does. I am happy with whatever beer money I earn. His disclaimer is for all the people who think he’s “cheating” or violating TOS. He is incredibly knowledgeable about almost all of the legit sites and is willing to help others learn. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Just be happy with what you earn!

    2. Im sorry that you dont feel like you could post here. Most people seem to have no issues with posting. The thread has been encouraging since its inception and people say its motivating.

      My disclaimor that im not like most people is because most people arent in the same situation Im in. Most people do beermoney for some extras and not full time. So I keep things in perspective for those people.

      I started this post almost 3 years ago. It wasnt to brag and its still not to brag. It was to show what was paying and whats working, and to bring some positivity to the sub when, at the time, was just full of complaints about programs and people spamming ref links.

      If you feel there is something wrong with this post, then please feel free to not read or look at it each month. I didnt post one month, last december, and people got upset that it wasnt up. I have had people tell me they look forward to it each month, that it motivates them, that it helps to see whats working. Last month’s post got over 21000 views.

      Im a very shy and introverted person in real life. I dont do things to bring attention to myself. My goal was to help people. Help those that are both looking for a little pocket change as well as those that are in situations like myself where my post could provide some guidance to improving their life. Ive always enjoyed helping others.. but obviously im not rich so I cant help much financially. And my health issues prevent helping people in physical ways. But if my knowledge and experience can help someone, that makes me very happy. And I dont see anything “wrong” with that and nor will I apologize for it.

    3. I don’t see it as bragging. He’s even offered to help others. It shows people that it’s possible to make money, if you work at it. I find it encouraging. He adds the disclaimers so folks are realistic and don’t go into it thinking it’s an easy $2000 so they can quit their day job.

      For instance, I’ve been making a living writing for six years now. People often ask me how I make so much. I always tell them upfront that their results may vary. I can write exceptionally fast (as in, I can write a 50-70k book that meets the client’s expectations in a matter of days if I’m motivated. Most people can’t).

  13. Uh how do y’all make so much on Swagbucks? I’m out here struggling to make £5/month :/

    Anyway, here’s my pathetic October earnings lmao sorry for the formatting – I’m on mobile! ._. All numbers are after exchange rates from USD and after PayPal fees, etc.

    Prolific – £47.00

    PrizeRebel – £20.08

    YouGov- £50.00

    Qmee – £1.56

    InstaGC – £10.03

    Swagbucks – £1.23 (didn’t reach any cashout lol)

    Viewsbank £9.66

    MicroWorkers – £31.41

    Grand Pitiful Total: £170.89

    Reaching the YouGov cashout really helped me this month. Wouldn’t be surprise if earnings dropped below £100 for November :/ I wish I had MTurk lmao .-.

    1. I’m in the UK, so here’s my Swagbucks daily routine:

      Play swagasaurus run until I reach the max 10SB payout.

      Watch all the videos on the desktop site, ie beer news, Odd 911 calls, etc.

      Run the mobile video apps.

      Do surveys (I avoid the ones that don’t give a 1SB booby prize for DQ)

      Do the daily poll, quick 1 SB there.

      You can also run videos on adscend media wall, ie the engagemetv/smores that are worth 1SB per 5 ads or so (I dont bother with that as I view videos on another site but its down to you).

      Check out Offertoro, particularly the one click offers. They reset daily and are worth 1sb per offer (generally around 6 available)

      Get the swagbutton extension for your browser. It’s useful in two ways – it alerts you when there’s a new swag code out, and you generally have to enter it into the button, they are worth 2-5SB on average. You can also view more videos on the extension which gives you another 1SB.

      Also keep an eye on your swag emails on the site. You will get offers for 1SB here and there just for visiting a site. Other ones I’ve done is putting in my address to get a free sim card which netted me 20 SB or so. Another good one is insurance quotes, just put in a load of nonsense and get around 50SB.

      Finally, always aim to at the very minimum meet the first daily goal. This is important as if you do, at the end of the month you will get a lovely big bonus (meet the goal all 30 days in a row, you get 300SB, plus the other daily bonuses. I got 651 this month, just from that alone – the 300 monthly master and 351 in accrued daily bonuses). I realise this might sound like a slog, but honestly a lot of this stuff I just leave in the background and check on it once in a while when I’m doing other things.

      1. Thank you for such a detailed response! 🙂 Going to try some of this during this month for sure. Thank you again!

  14. Always love using this thread as an excuse to look back and see how I did…

    PrizeRebel: $25

    PineconeResearch: €9

    GlobalTestMarket: €25

    I was definitely very motivated this month, PR and GTM also gave a lot of good surveys.

  15. I’ve gotten a bit better at MTurk. I’ve pulled around 500 in the last 30 days or so and it was your posts that inspired me to get started in the first place. What i’m interested in knowing is what you’re doing on all of those lesser sites like swagbucks.

    1. Hey could you give me some mturk tips? Id love to be making 200 per month but cant find enough stuff worth doing.. Thanks for any help!

  16. Other people may hate this post, but I look forward to this every month. Thanks for it.

    Have you ever thought about posting a ‘day in the beermoney life of /u/themightyox?’ I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be super interested to learn more about your daily approach to all this.

  17. Always enjoy seeing you still doing these posts, they’re quite inspiring imo. I would love your mturk guide as well, I’ve been meaning to get into it.

    1. Fidelity was the $200. They very rarely run those promotions. Last month they had one going for less then a day.. $100 AMZ GC for opening and depositing $200.

      $300 was Chase. That offer is still ongoing.

    |———————————– |———– |———– |———– |———– |
    | Instagc: | $18.02 | $77.50 | $80.90 | $75.49 |
    | Mturk: | $631.18* | $2093.44 | $1705.62 | $1128.18 |
    | Prizerebel: | $1.72 | $13.66 | $48.18 | $68.89 |
    | Quickthoughts: | $4.20 | $161.00 | $54.43 | $244.70 |
    | Branded Surveys: | $3.46 | $21.83 | $6.00 | $10.82 |
    | Grindabuck: | $1.13 | $4.72 | $10.05 | $58.83 |
    | Perk: | $2.52 | $14.03 | $17.00 | $21.86 |
    | Fitplay: | $18.53 | $47.09 | $70.17 | $167.67 |
    | Crowdtap: | $10.00 | — | $68.40 | $110.95 |
    | Cashmagnet: | — | $1.53 | $1.37 | $4.05 |
    | VeryDice: | $2.39 | $7.28 | $4.07 | $12.65 |
    | Volkno: | $3.07 | $13.05 | $14.31 | $20.62 |
    | Google Opinions: | $1.97 | $4.78 | $5.36 | $4.24 |
    | PocketMoneyGPT: | — | $0.90 | $6.00 | $17.81 |
    | Prolific: | — | — | $4.00 | $16.33 |
    | Fetch Rewards: | $0.73 | $3.18 | $3.67 | $2.00 |
    | CoinOut: | $1.31 | $3.60 | $4.44 | $0.25 |
    | ReceiptPal: | $2.25 | $8.00 | $4.00 | $3.00 |
    | AppLike: | — | $0.37 | $0.46 | $21.88 |
    | ReceiptHog: | $1.19 | $1.87 | $1.32 | $1.57 |
    | KoinMe: | — | — | — | $0.01 |
    | SwagBucks: | $11.15 | $4.68 | — | $2.24 |
    | Irazoo: | — | — | $5.00 | $5.00 |
    | Xenogifts: | — | — | — | $0.74 |
    | Spare5: | — | — | — | $0.08 |
    | QualNow: | — | $9.00 | $2.00 | $2.00 |
    | Earningstation: | — | — | — | $0.12 |
    | KeepRewarding: | — | — | — | $0.03 |
    | PaidviewPoint: | — | — | $0.67 | $9.71 |
    | Rewards1: | — | — | — | $0.23 |
    | YouGov: | — | — | — | $0.12 |
    | Earnably: | — | — | $4.24 | $2.74 |
    | QMee: | — | — | — | $0.05 |
    | EPoll: | — | — | — | $1.41 |
    | LootLaggon: | — | — | — | $4.28 |
    | Fleetwin: | — | — | — | $1.00 |
    | EarnHive: | — | — | — | $2.92 |
    | OfferNation: | — | — | — | $2.05 |
    | TestableMinds: | — | — | — | $1.20 |
    | Fronto: | — | — | — | $1.00 |
    | Gamermine: | — | — | — | $2.34 |
    | TreasureTrooper: | — | — | — | $1.00 |
    | EarnCoinsGG: | — | — | $0.84 | — |
    | InboxDollars: | $8.35 | — | $5.00 | — |
    | Fluxrewards: | — | — | $20.84 | — |
    | RewardStash: | — | — | $7.01 | — |
    | Checkout51: | — | $5.00 | $4.00 | — |
    | Ibotta: | $1.85 | $32.40 | — | — |
    | | — | $2.00 | $2.00 | — |
    | AttaPoll: | — | $2.72 | — | — |
    | Boardwalk: | — | $4.88 | — | $0.14 |
    | GameTame: | — | — | $0.02 | — |
    | PayMeDollar: | — | — | $0.76 | — |
    | YooTV/Rewards: | — | $0.60 | — | — |
    | Kinit: | — | $15.00 | — | — |
    | Mountain Dew Study (craigs): | — | — | $16.00 | — |
    | Paypal Moola Mania: | — | — | — | $5.00 |
    | Research Now: | — | — | — | $10.00 |
    | Testbucks (Amz Giveaway): | — | $5.00 | — | — |
    | (Amz Giveaway): | — | $10.00 | — | — |
    | TruNow: | $0.92 | $3.34 | — | — |
    | Carepoynt: | — | $7.00 | — | — |
    | LuckyDay: | — | $1.00 | — | — |
    | Acention: | — | $0.03 | — | — |
    | American Consumer Opinion: | — | $0.12 | — | — |
    | Rewardable: | — | $0.09 | — | — |
    | OneDayRewards: | — | $0.06 | — | — |
    | RadioEarn: | — | $0.61 | — | — |
    | ForthRight: | $2.50 | $2.50 | — | — |
    | MindsPay: | — | $3.00 | — | — |
    | MyOpinionNow: | $15.00 | — | — | — |
    | ShopKick: | $2.00 | — | — | — |
    | BillsBoard: | — | $0.70 | — | — |
    | OpinionTrack: | $5.00 | — | — | — |
    | Dabbl: | $0.75 | — | — | — |
    | CoinPop: | $2.50 | — | — | — |
    | Snagoo: | $1.52 | | | |
    | > 2018 totals across the board >> | $755.21 * | $2,587.97 | $2,184.16 | $2,054.60 |

      1. thanks ox, that 720-750 didn’t even finish that way until literally the last 3 days of the month. that kind of thing always seems to happen, mostly because turk requesters come through in the clutch.

        quick question does espn fan advisors pay out? i signed up with them years ago but assumed there rewards were likely just espn related things and never went back.

        i still get emails from on a semi-daily basis lol

  19. [Here]( are my earnings for October.

    I added Receipt Hog to my totals, as well as a new app for me, Killi. I did better this month, redeeming a lot of Ibotta offers and a money maker Glade candle deal on Swagbucks twice. Not in the chart, I got $5 Amazon from Lucky Day. For mystery shopping this month, I got 4 meals, some groceries, an oil change, a movie, a visit to the pub, and $211. I made $16.18 on eBay and $54.06 on Amazon. I did a focus group for $100 as well. I won a few good prizes, including a three-night trip to a festival, $50 grocery gift card, and $10 Uber credit.

    Altogether (but not counting the wins) I made $528.77 this month. That’s $48 more than [September](, and $20 more than [August](, so I’m glad to see my earnings increasing.

    As a side note, you must be an insomniac or at least East Coast. It’s funny because you usually post in the morning after I can’t fall asleep until 4/5 AM and when I wake up in the afternoon it says “posted 8 hours ago”. So I always just miss the early comments. lol

      1. You choose which info to share (email, phone, connect Facebook, date of birth, location) and get matched with surveys. They are only 5 cents each but they are one multiple choice question and you don’t get disqualified.

  20. Swagbucks: $85

    Prolific Academic: $26.33

    InstaGC: $125.69 (yay holiday bonus!)

    Total: $237.02

    Also passed $5,000 lifetime since I started doing this in 2015 which is amazing!!

  21. I gave up on going into details because of all the people who bitch that we are not helping them the right way…


    I did just over $1800 in October after doing over $2300 in September. I took a break from a lot of stuff and enjoyed some much needed time off in October.


    Most of my earnings are still from Appen.

      1. Sorry, I don’t know anything about this stuff. I assume you “rent out” processing power from a device in some way. Would it be of any use to sign up with just one such device, like an old smartphone, or does it take like hundreds to get anything out of it?

    1. I just started using it myself, it looks pretty dumpy, I never qualify for a survey, but you get 10c / day for having an ad screen lock, not having to do anything else.

  22. Could you send me the Mturk 101, please? If you don’t mind. I already work from home, looking to bring in a little extra money, not to get rich quick. Any advice you have would be great.

  23. Another great monthly post! I really enjoy these as it motivates me to keep track of my earnings, which is probably a good thing once tax season comes around.

    Neevo/Defined Crowd: $368.80
    Swagbucks: $79.02
    Snooper: $61.00
    Job Spotter: $48.27
    Field Agent: $20.00
    Click Worker: $19.87
    User Testing: $13.64
    Validately: $10.00

    Total: $620.59


    A big shout out to Neevo for all the great money making opportunities this month! Since a lot of people asked me in the past how I keep getting jobs on there, all I do is check my e-mail and the site every day (since there are a few jobs I haven’t been e-mailed about).

      1. Thanks! And Snooper is an Australian app similar to Field Agent. This is my first time using it as prior to a few weeks ago, it was iOS only.

    1. I used to do clickworker.. the UHRS stuff can be very lucrative but its hard to stay in their guidelines and not get banned from the jobs

  24. Just been doing mturk, testing out some other things as I actually got a kinda part-time job recently (besides my non-paying full-time job of nurse/housekeeper/caretaker for my handicapped wife). I was on mturk a few years ago, all that was wiped out I guess, but I had recently updated my amazon acct info, and logged right in. Just got out of my probationary period. Anyway, not exactly a month, but since Oct 18


    mturk – $73


    Hoping to make 2-3 times that a month, that would be great. Do buy stuff on amazon sometimes, so usually just put it on our account. Wife has been doing it too, she has vision and dexterity issues but it gives her something productive to do. She just added about $40 to her account.


    We both started using Kin, in the hope of being able to cash out in Amazon GC, but I have yet to see that. I checked multiple times on the past two mondays, and nada. I don’t want a coupon for a cookbook.

  25. I look forward to your post every month! Thank you!
    Quick thoughts $30
    Ibotta $20

    Not much but every bit helps!

    Edit:how do you make so much with swagbucks?

    1. I get the 8 things done every day on the checklist.. so that means at least one survey a day. I always hit daily goal so my bonuses are usually between $8-$11. i run watch as much as possible.. and I do every profitable free and trial offer I come across.

  26. Swagbucks – $175, Prolific – $43.35, Winview – $15, Clixsense – $9.90, BTCClicks – 0.11432 mBTC

    Total is around $244

  27. Have you used OpinionOutpost at all? That’s the one I use the most, but I’ve wondered if it’s the best paying for the surveys I do. They offer occasional TV episode surveys that pay between $3.50 and $5 each, so that’s pretty nice.

  28. Here’s mine! This was my first month trying more than one $25 card from Swagbucks a month.

    |Microsoft Rewards||
    |Ebay Sales|$100.19|


  29. mturk 20.21

    textbroker 64.57

    swagbucks 20.6

    Had a family emergency that kept me away from earning for a week.

    Im interested in the mturk guide, its been slow for me since they changed the platform design and some of the old scripts stopped working/not updated the last time I checked.

  30. Could I get a copy of the mturk 101, I signed up years ago but never used the account, now my wife and I are trying to get into the game and we’ve been going very slow with Ipoll and I just made a prolific account.
    Stupid question, how did you make so much with Swagbucks, I looked at it and it didn’t seem promising, am I missing something?

    1. Sent the 101:

      I do a bit of everything. I get at least one survey a day. I do the various games like SWAGO. I use WATCH when its available. I run the apps. and I grab any profitable free and trial offer thats available.

  31. That is amazing. I could barely handle two survey sites at the same time. A retail job is much easier and less eye-straining.

  32. I’m in the process of closing down the farm, so I’ve made almost nothing this month. If my CashMagnet payment comes through, I’ll consider myself lucky.

  33. First month trying for beer money. Pretty pleased.

    Craigslist in-person test: $50 CAD (visa gift card)
    Prolific AC: £9.02
    Rev: $47.77 USD
    Validately: $30 USD
    Respondent: $28.50 USD
    Total: ~ 205.03 CAD / 156.21 USD

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