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Why do some websites have different offers on the same offerwall?

I mainly use gametame and tremorgames to get games and gift cards, but I noticed HyperMX never has any videos on either of them anymore. I went to InstaGC, and the HyperMX offerwall there did have videos, but at the same time, GameTame had nothing available.

I’ve also used GameTame on a mobile browser, and noticed depending on the browser I used, HyperMX may have 1-3 offers available.

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  2. I assume the way it works is that HyperMx/JunGroup signs agreements/contracts with each site. so each one could be different. One site may be more targetted then the other. Or the site hasnt renewed the contract that month/quarter etc.

    Since mid July HyperMx is weird for me. I know longer have them on Grabpoints mobile.. and no longer have them on Swagbucks… but can do them on InstaGC, Grabpoints PC and other places. Plus they are used as regular ads on some swag apps and Apptrailers.

    1. Yeah, I use to be able to do at least 100 a day on gametame (the ones where you go to a site and stay there for a minute), but recently I have only seen a few on there. It’s also weird that I may get a video or two depending on the browser I use.

  3. over the years i have asked this question of many different site owners. some site owners say they had no idea that other sites carried more offers. Some sites will openly tell you that they block certain high paying offers and other offers they deem risky.

    A customer service agent from peanut labs told me that there wall is selective about the offers they allow sites to host for them. for example if a site is brand new and has no verification process then they will not give that site a full version of their offer wall but instead a condensed version.

    It is pretty common knowledge that almost all cites carry somewhat different versions of the offer walls but honestly i can not say with any certainty exactly why they do so.

    I will say my best guess is that it is a combination of all the things i mentioned above. like i said ive heard different things from site owners as well as cs agents from an offer wall.

    I do know that i have only saw maybe 1 or 2 sites that carry full versions of the Peanut labs and Adgate offerwalls. most sites will carry a condensed version of at least one of these two walls. for some reason its really rare to find the full peanut labs wall.

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