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Will anything ever be done about the referral contest?

What’s the point of the referral contest if it’s barely updated anymore? **9/31** was more than 2 months ago. This used to be a weelkly, then bi-weekly, and now a monthly contest with the trajectory looking to be 2 months this time. The referral contest has always been a lucrative way for people to have an equal chance of getting referrals spread across the community, but the apparent apathy towards maintaining it has been largely unacceptable in my view. The people who have won last time are literally raking in hundreds of referrals every week. I would know because I’ve won a few times in the past when the contest was actually updated twice a month which I am extremely grateful for to this day. Why bother with it at this point with how incredibly irregular the drawing updates have been?

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  1. I’m the only active mod right now and keeping the sub as spam free as possible is already a full-time, thankless job. I’m not interested in adding running the referral contest to that as well (I don’t have access or remember how to retrieve the data from the signup forms even if I wanted to). I had hoped updating the contest once a month wouldn’t be a problem for /u/aghuman1 or that he could get the bot that handled some of it working again.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Get some more mods on board bro!

      Over at r/uktrees we have like 8 active mods for a community less than a tenth of this size. You need more dude.

      Get an application form together and post it, and sort through the people that apply till you have the number you need.

      There are plenty of us thankful enough to the community to become a mod and help out back 🙂

      1. It’s not that easy. It’s a separate form for each contest and then you have to go through and filter out all the throwaway, spam accounts, multiple entries etc.. Not really something I want to do.

        1. It’s not easy, no, but if you set a karma minimum, and some other conditions sorting won’t be too hard.

          It will take some graft but once you’re up and running with a bigger team things will be much easier

          But if you don’t have the time, then that’s fair. How does your automod look? Is it set up properly? That should take care of the majority of your mod work, and if it isn’t it can be improved.

          1. I’m not just gonna mod some person I don’t know and the few people I would want to mod aren’t interested. One of them because then they wouldn’t be eligible for the referral contest. Yeah our automod is setup pretty nicely and does help quite a bit. But there’s still so, so much spam all day long.

          2. Well that’s fair, you can add a mod without full permissions as a sort of trial but I understand not wanting a Rando as a mod, but I’m afraid you’ll have to bare the burden as I can’t think of another way to ease it 🙁

          3. I appreciate the advice though, thanks. I’ll keep my eye open for people and see if they’re interested. I’d be happy to hand over the duties to someone else if it’s in good hands since I’m not even using beermoney sites anymore for a long time already. I just don’t want this place to become a spamfest or run by someone throwing up their ref links all over the sub and abusing their power.

          4. It’s not a problem, you’ve done (and continue to do) a fantastic job here and we all are incredibly thankful for it (although we may not show it much ;).

            I completely get you don’t want to see the sub turn to shit, and your caution is warranted.

            Whatever you decide to do, best of luck pal

          5. If it’s okay with you, I will message about potentially assisting around here. Although this account is newer, I can verify (via ox) that I’ve been around for a long time and I’m a hardcore beermoney user. I credit it with surviving a devastating situation, so I’m pretty passionate about this way of making money.

  2. I’d throw my hat in the ring if I wasn’t so new for admin. I also work full time so I’d be more like half a mod right now lol.

    I do have a lot of interest in beer money sites using quite a few myself. If you don’t mind, I’d like to connect with you guys and maybe I could be of mod help down the road

  3. As someone that won the SB one on my main, what a pity this doesn’t run anymore! I didn’t realize it had gone down.

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